Ruach Israel has some great people on staff that bring a unique set of gifts to serve the congregation’s needs.

On Staff

Shayna Kaufmann
Community Coordinator

Shayna started calling Ruach Israel her spiritual home in the summer of 2016, after moving back to the East Coast, where she grew up and attended college. She quickly plugged into a music team, started lay leading services as a shaliach tzibbur and became one of the leaders of Ruach’s Boston-based young adult community, CityRuach. In September of 2017, she left her job as a personal-lines insurance underwriter for a full-time position as the congregation’s Community Coordinator (Madrikha in training) and moved into Ruach’s new young adult Messianic Jewish community house in Boston, Ruach House. Shayna is most in her element when behind a computer handling administrative tasks!

As you get to know us more, let us introduce you to a few of our members!