Connect. Empower. Get involved.

Younger Jewish and intermarried couples and single adults represent a dynamic part of the Ruach Israel community. Their creative energy drives much of what happens in our synagogue.

Friday night Shabbat dinners, spontaneous socializing and integration into the fabric of every aspect of the synagogue’s leadership and life characterize this group.

To get connected, contact Rabbi Nathan.

Ruach Israel 20s are part of a wider network of Messianic Jewish young adults. Some Young adults from the national UMJC 20s conference in D.C. For more information go Visit the UMJC 20s page. 


An authentic encounter where the love of Messiah Yeshua and Jewish life unite.

CityRuach is a Yeshua-centered, Jewish community of young adults devoted to building a Messianic Jewish presence in Boston. Learning, friendship, and tikkun olam are important to us!

Let’s be real: it’s easy to get lost in the fast pace of school, work, and the city. It’s also hard to connect meaningfully with other Jewish people who believe in Yeshua (Jesus).

This is why we’ve created a space on Saturday nights to connect with each other for Havdalah, snacks, and fellowship.

And just come as you are. It doesn’t matter if you attend a synagogue, a church or just like to hang out. If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to contact Elana.

Visit our CityRuach page for more details!

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