Yom Kippur morning

09 Oct 2019 | 10:00 am - 09:00 pm

Spend the Day of Atonement at Ruach Israel. We will be together to worship HaShem:

Yom Kippur on Wednesday, October 9th
10:00am: Yom Kippur morning services
1:00pm:   Yizkor
2:00pm:  Soaking Prayer available in the Sanctuary
3:00pm:  Afternoon walk
5:00pm:  Jonah study
6:30pm:  Neilah
7:28pm:  Havdalah
7:30pm:  Dairy pot-luck Break-fast

*The sanctuary will be set up as a quiet, contemplative space for soaking prayer, napping, and privately davening Musaf and Mincha from 2pm-6:30pm.

Childcare provided 10am-7:30pm downstairs.