Learning to Hear From God in Your Daily Life

Posted on 2017 May 06, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
 Rabbi Nathan shares his experiences learning to hear and discern God’s voice.      
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Promises Fulfilled

Posted on 2017 Apr 15, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
In this week’s drash Rabbi Rich discusses the Joy of Pesach. . Julie Lavender’s Bikhat HaTorah is the introduction and closing music. The complete song or the album “The Siddur Project” can be purchased at: https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/julielavender
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Parashat Tsav

Posted on 2017 Apr 08, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
Parashat Tsav – in this message, Rabbi Rich shares a strategy for living which can take ups all successfully to the door of the eventual return of Messiah.  Today’s parashah give us the framework and Yeshua clarifies and focuses the approach we all need to win in this  life and in the age
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What’s So Great About Leviticus

Posted on 2017 Apr 01, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
What’s So Great About the Book of Leviticus? In this week’s drash Rabbi Rich explores the surprising ways this third book of the Torah can relate very meaningfully to our lives. We are modern people living over 3,000 years . after the time of Moses. But the kinds of things the Coheinim
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