Posted on 2017 Jun 10, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
Both Scripture and tradition remind us that not only is God is pleased to lead Israel through her march through history, but he is eager to lead us as individual men and woman though each of our life’s journeys. Find out how he accomplishes this as Rabbi Rich’s discusses this
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Learning to Hear From God – An Overview of the Prophetic

Posted on 2017 Jun 03, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
 Rabbi Nathan discusses different kinds of  prophetic revelation.      
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Learning to Hear From God in Your Daily Life

Posted on 2017 May 06, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
 Rabbi Nathan shares his experiences learning to hear and discern God’s voice.      
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Promises Fulfilled

Posted on 2017 Apr 15, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
In this week’s drash Rabbi Rich discusses the Joy of Pesach. . Julie Lavender’s Bikhat HaTorah is the introduction and closing music. The complete song or the album “The Siddur Project” can be purchased at:
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