Posted on 2017 Mar 28, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
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A Jewish Healing Reawakening

Posted on 2017 Mar 18, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
In the midst of our Healing Prayer Conference with Mike Evans, Rabbi Nathan speaks to us on Shabbat, calling us to participate in an important, budding healing reawakening among our Jewish people.        
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Tetzaveh – Purim

Posted on 2017 Mar 11, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
Parashat Tetzaveh Celebrating Purim – In this week’s drash Rabbi Rich explores the the critical moment in Jewish history in light of a surprising fact:  in the Book of Esther, there is not one mention of God! What could this mean? How could a biblical book ignore the Name of the the
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Terumah – What Can We Learn from the Mishkan

Posted on 2017 Mar 04, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
This week’s parashah, Terumah, details the fascinating architecture of the ancient Mishkan or tabernacle. What can we learn from the carefully constructed ancient tent about how we can lead successful, meaningful lives together? Rabbi Rich will lashed some light on this all-important
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