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Rabbi Rich Reflections
Week of September 15, 2019
The Daily Davar takes us through the whole Bible in one year. One great blessing for you, O faithful participants, is this: you don’t get to skip over uncomfortable passages as you read. What an advantage! In life, often the “uncomfortable” information can be very important.
This week’s readings include the wonderful letter of I Thessalonians. In this short epistle, the great Rav Shaul (Apostle Paul) elaborates on the glory of Messiah, the One through whom all creation finds it origin.
But there is an apparent challenge for us Messianic Jews and our Jewishly-sensitive Christian friends.
Here is chapter 2:14-16. Could this passage be interpreted to suggest an anti-Semitic attitude on the part of Shaul?
“…For you, brothers and sisters, became imitators of God’s congregations in Judea, which are in Messiah Yeshua: You suffered from your own people the same things those congregations suffered from the Judeans who killed the Lord Yeshua and the prophets and also drove us out. They displease God and are hostile to everyone in their effort to keep us from speaking to the Gentiles so that they may be saved. In this way they always heap up their sins to the limit. The wrath of God has come upon them at last.” (I Thessalonians 2:14-16)
Here, a very important principle comes into play. You know that when buying a home some of the best advice is expressed in three words: “location, location, location”. For us Daily Davar mavens we would phrase the matter as “context, context, context”.
Rav Shaul is no anti-Semite. He often describes his love and commitment to our Jewish people. (See Romans 9:1-4 for an example.) But he is frustrated at Jewish antagonists to the Besorah (Good News), those living principally in Jerusalem and its environs. This includes many of the power brokers. They made life very difficult for the early Messianic Jews. Yes, he’s angry. But he had every right to be!
Second, Shaul’s letters were penned to particular communities and can be described as “situationally-motivated”. That is, he is not thinking about writing sacred Scripture. He is merely trying to deal with real issues facing real people at the time. He’s not thinking about how his words might motivate anti-Semites in Europe centuries later, for example. Of course, his words would come to be recognized by the believing community as Scripture, as the decades rolled by. But taken together, there is no way in the world to understand Shaul’s letter as indicting the whole Jewish community, all Jews everywhere. Anti-Semites misuse his work because they lack a deep sense of… context.
So enjoy this week’s Daily Davar. And make it a point not to become excessively concerned about tough passages. Many times, context can solve the problems. Other times, we just humbly admit that the world is a big place… the spiritual world even bigger… and we withhold judgment until more revelation comes our way.
Enjoy the Daily Davar!
Rabbi Rich

Upcoming Readings:

Date 1st Reading 2nd Reading 3rd Reading Day
09-17-2019 Lamentations 1-5 1 Thess 4 Tuesday
09-18-2019 Eccl 1-4 1 Thess 5 Wednesday
09-19-2019 Eccl 5-8 2 Thess 1 Thursday
09-20-2019 Ki Tavo Deut 26:1-29:8 Isaiah 60:1-60:22 1 Cor 15:1-11 Friday
09-21-2019 Saturday
09-22-2019 Eccl 9-12 2 Thess 2 Sunday
09-23-2019 Esther 1-5 1 Timothy 1 Monday
09-24-2019 Esther 6-10 1 Timothy 2 Tuesday
09-25-2019 Daviel 1-4 1 Timothy 3 Wednesday
09-26-2019 Daniel 5-8 1 Timothy 4 Thursday
09-27-2019 Nitzavim Deut. 29:9-30:20 Isaiah 61:10-63:9 Matt 28:16-20 Friday
09-28-2019 Saturday
09-29-2019 Daniel 9-12 1 Timothy 5 Sunday
09-30-2019 Ezra 1-5 1 Timothy 6 Monday
10-01-2019 Ezra 6-10 2 Timothy 1 Tuesday
10-02-2019 Neh 1-5 2 Timothy 2 Wednesday
10-03-2019 Neh 6-9 2 Timothy 3 Thursday
10-04-2019 Friday
10-05-2019 Saturday
10-06-2019 Neh 10-13 2 Timothy 4 Sunday
10-07-2019 1 Chron 1-4 Titus 1 Monday
10-08-2019 1 Chron 5-8 Titus 2 Tuesday
10-09-2019 1 Chron 9-12 Titus 3 Wednesday
10-10-2019 1 Chron 13-16 Philemon 1 Thursday
10-11-2019 Friday
10-12-2019 Saturday
10-13-2019 1 Chron 17-20 Hebrews 1 Sunday
10-14-2019 1 Chron 21-24 Hebrews 2 Monday
10-15-2019 1 Chron 25-29 Hebrews 3 Tuesday
10-16-2019 2 Chron 1-4 Hebrews 4 Wednesday
10-17-2019 2 Chron 5-8 Hebrews 5 Thursday
10-18-2019 Friday
10-19-2019 Saturday
10-20-2019 2 Chron 9-12 Hebrews 6 Sunday
10-21-2019 2 Chron 13-16 Hebrews 7 Monday
10-22-2019 2 Chron 17-20 Hebrews 8 Tuesday
10-23-2019 2 Chron 21-24 Hebrews 9 Wednesday
10-24-2019 2 Chron 25-30 Hebrews 10 Thursday
10-25-2019 Friday
10-26-2019 Saturday
10-27-2019 Hebrews 11 Sunday
10-28-2019 Hebrews 12 Monday
10-29-2019 Hebrews 13 Tuesday
10-30-2019 Ya’acov (James) 1 Wednesday
10-31-2019 Ya’acov (James) 2 Thursday


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