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Upcoming Events Schedule

June 8th – Shavuot

6:00pm | Ruach House

Like many Jewish holidays, Shavuot began as an agricultural festival marking the beginning of the summer wheat harvest. In modern times we celebrate two major events in Jewish history: the giving of the Torah and outpouring of the Ruach HaKodesh. 
We’ll nosh, study the books of Ruth and Acts and light the holiday candles around 9:10pm.  If the weather is nice, we’ll be outdoors so dress accordingly!

June 22nd – Picnic, Prayer & Havdalah

6:00pm | Boston Commons – the Gazebo

Come join CityRuach and the Tefilah (Prayer) team as we picnic, pray, make music, and make Havdalah together in the Commons. Bring food, a blanket and any other fun things you’d like!

June 28th – Shabbat Dinner

6:00pm | Ruach House

Join us as we welcome the Shabbat Queen with music, singing, food, and fun! We always have a great time together! You are more than welcome to bring friends as well. All are welcome! Please RSVP on the Wednesday before texting Joe at (203)-218-1414 or saying that you’re coming on Facebook.

June 29th – CityRuach-led A Cappella Services

10:30am  |  Ruach Israel

Join the wider Ruach Israel community for a cappella Shabbat morning services! CityRuach members will lead us in a beautiful morning of singing, drumming, dancing and davening! All are welcome! Kiddush and vegetarian pot-luck oneg to follow.

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 About CityRuach

CityRuach is a Yeshua-centered, Jewish community of young adults devoted to building a Messianic Jewish presence in Boston. We are Boston’s only Jewish group that embraces Yeshua-faith. We desire to make Messiah known within our Jewish community.
We are excited to announce that as of September 2017 CityRuach has a home of its own in Brighton, called Ruach House!
Ruach House is a Messianic Jewish intentional community house and home base for CityRuach. Ruach House Residents form the core of our CityRuach team. The House positions us in the heart of the urban landscape; creating a physical Messianic Jewish presence in the city.
We look forward to using this space to share communal life as Messianic Jews, host events, and open our doors to the wider community!
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Ruach Israel 20s are part of a wider network of Messianic Jewish young adults. Pictured here are some young adults from the national UMJC 20s conference in D.C. Have questions about the UMJC 20s? Contact Rabbi Nathan. For more information go Visit the UMJC 20s page,. 


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