The Very Narrow Bridge – A Yom Kippur Message

Posted on 2021 Sep 16, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
 The Very Narrow Bridge – A Yom Kippur Message.   Yom Kippur is a day that we rehearse our own death. It is a day where all life collapses all around us and we can touch the true substance of our lives. Rabbi Nathan explores the deeper meaning behind life, death and the Azazel. From
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The High Holy Days Drama

Posted on 2021 Sep 04, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
 In his Shabbat message, Rabbi Nathan helps us to prepare for the upcoming Holy Days. From Ruach Israel’s Outside Sanctuary, September 4, 2021 Direct Link to Youtube video of message.
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Devakut – a Drash by Rabbi Rich

Posted on 2021 Aug 28, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
 Devakut by Rabbi Rich In his sermon Rabbi Rich introduces a key word for our growth -“Devakut.” The Chasidic concept of “cleaving to God” is an important strategy, rooted in Torah, which can help us stay emotionally and spiritually strong during these challenging days.  
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Pray about all things

Posted on 2021 Aug 21, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
 A sequel to the power of a daily prayer time, Rabbi Nathan unpacks verses in Philippians and James which provide a practical roadmap to manage life’s trials and worries. We close with a practical activities that you can bring into your own prayer time to help you “pray about all things.”
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