Empowering the next generation

Ruach Israel Youth Group

Under the direction of Associate Rabbi Nathan and the Youth Group leadership team, teens at Ruach Israel gather a few times per month for a lesson during Shabbat morning services. The group also has fun together at events outside of the synagogue!

Camp Or L’Dor

Imagine a two week adventure where Jewish life and Messiah Yeshua and combine to create an exciting, action-packed, and transformative spiritual experience for Messianic Jewish teens.


Every year, Jewish teens fly in from around the U.S. and Israel to attend camp at our serene location in the Northeast. In addition to lively daily services, lessons, and campfire discussions, we play sports, paintball, balance on high ropes courses, and careen through the air on zip lines. But it’s not all crazy activities — we also host drama competitions, improv workshops, and a talent show! To top it all off, we set out on a two-night hiking or canoe trip to experience community and God in the wilderness.

View our camp Or L’Dor video and visit the Camp Or L’Dor website.

“Camp Or L’Dor has grown to become a truly unique teen experience where Messianic Jewish young people can feel profoundly “at home” as Jews and as followers of Yeshua. The staff is top-notch and the program a wonderful mix of holy activities and sheer fun. I highly recommend Camp Or L’Dor to rabbis and Messianic Jewish parents. The summer experience will likely have an identity-shaping, redemptive impact on the teens you love.” — Rabbi Rich.

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