As a formal member of Congregation Ruach Israel you are well aware of the blessing our synagogue is to so many people. You also know that it is our job as members to make sure that the congregation has all the resources it needs to meet its expenses – building, salaries, programs, and other obligations.

To make your monthly tithe easier to give and to assure Ruach of funds for our ongoing needs, we encourage you to fulfill your pledge by choosing one of the methods listed below:

Do you have so much going on that you would welcome one less thing to think about each week? Set up your giving automatically.

  1. Set up automatic bill pay through your bank. Most banks will allow you to set up an automatic payment that goes out as regularly as you’d like. This can either be an automatic bank check or a direct deposit. The advantage here is that there is no cost to you and there are no hidden fees for the congregation.
  2. Set up automatic giving using a credit/debit card. The advantage of this method is that it is simple and you can do it right here on our website. Also, some of you may be able to earn extra points on your card for your contributions. There are some fees that will be taken out of your contribution of approximately 3.5% off the total donation.

Note: You may choose to bring your contributions to the synagogue, making your offering an act of worship by putting them in the pushke. Or, you may choose to send in your checks by mailing them directly to the congregation. However, the automatic payment methods suggested above make giving easy and consistent.