Learn to Read Hebrew!

4.3-Open-ScrollFor the Adults

Prior to Shabbat services we have beginning Hebrew classes for adults. Get a cup of coffee in the kitchen and join a class! Our goal is teach enough Hebrew grammar, syntax and vocabulary so you can begin to navigate in the original language.

For the Kids

The children’s Hebrew School also meets on Shabbat afternoons. Our goal is to expose Messianic Jewish kids ages six and up to Hebrew language study in preparation for bar or bat mitzvah — and to give them a solid foundation in the language so they can grow in their Jewish identities as they move into young adulthood. For additional information or questions specific to our Hebrew School program contact: Sarena Nichol.

Studies, Seminars and Healing Services

At Ruach Israel, we value spiritual health. We hope to not only be a place for Messianic Jewish people to gather for services but also a home where we can encourage each other to grow.


A regular feature of the rhythm of Ruach Israel life is Shabbat afternoon study.The lunch dishes have been put away. The children are being cared for downstairs. Members and friends gather to study biblical and traditional texts, learn new melodies and prayers from our Siddur or enjoy classes on varied topics.

Healing prayer times – quiet, reflective and spiritually powerful – are also part of our Shabbat afternoon experience for those who need a touch from God.

Learn and Fellowship During the Week

We have several regionally-based home groups that meet to spend time with one another, pray and learn together. Visit our Home Groups page here.

Other Opportunities to Learn and Grow

Much of the learning which occurs through Congregation Ruach Israel is provided by our associate schools and programs. Here are some important examples:

Messianic Jewish Theological Institute (MJTI)

This flagship Messianic Jewish educational institution provides graduate level rabbinical training, cantorial studies, a graduate degree in Jewish studies and a catalogue of short adult education classes. Most classes are offered online. Explore the MJTI website at: www.mjti.org

MJTI’s Panim el Panim Online Short Courses

MJTI’s New Online Short-Course Program. No reading, homework, preparation or exams – 1 hour weekly lectures per 4 week short-course. Learn more at: https://www.mjti.org/panim-el-panim/.

New School for Jewish Studies (NSFJS)

Another excellent online program which stresses the study of rabbinical texts through the lens of Messiah Yeshua’s unique place among our Jewish people. http://www.nsfjs.org/

Vine of David:

Vine of David mission is to “strengthen, encourage, and equip the Messianic Jewish community and to affirm Messianic Jewish practice that is faithful to Torah, to the Messiah, and to our Jewish people.” VOD produces resources including the writings of brilliant Messianic Jewish pioneers, many of which have never been seen before in English. They provide liturgical resources that aid Messianic Jews in engaging in meaningful, Yeshua-faithful Jewish tradition. Also be sure to check out their sister organization First Fruits of Zion (FFOZ) for their Torah Club series and HaYesod materials.

Riverton Mussar

Mussar is powerful catalyst for personal development which centers on gradually learning new patterns of thought and behavior. The Riverton Mussar program offers this daily plan from a Messianic Jewish vantage point. http://rivertonmussar.org/

Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC)

Ruach Israel first joined this worldwide fellowship of like-minded synagogues in 1984. Among its many functions, UMJC provides educational opportunities at its national and regional conferences. http://www.umjc.org/

Messianic Jewish Rabbinical Council (MJRC)

MJRC is primarily an organization of ordained rabbis doing the hard work of developing norms for Messianic Jewish life, but there is an educational component as well. Visit the website and learn the specifics of how Messianic Jewish life can be lived in practical terms in our fast-moving modern age. http://ourrabbis.org/

בן בג בג אומר:הפוך בה והפוך בה, דכולא בה.
Ben Bag Bag says:
Turn [the Torah] over and over for all things are in it.

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