Touching, Healing, Transforming

What might you expect if you come for healing prayer?

Wholeness is something we all seek. After Oneg Shabbat on Saturday afternoons, our Tefillah (prayer) Team gathers to pray for Ruach attendees who are seeking God’s refuah shleimah (complete healing) from physical and other forms of suffering. Led by trained members of our team (usually 2-3 people), these sessions typically last 15-20 minutes. Prayer sessions are done privately, in a gentle manner, and with complete confidentiality.

Our Tefillah Team also hosts periodic healing services, often connected with the Jewish liturgical year. See our Events page for our next healing service.

At Ruach Israel we take a holistic approach to healing. We understand that re’fuat haguf (physical healing) and re’fuat nephesh (inner healing of the soul) are often inseparably linked. We encourage people to make prayer an integral part of healing, while seeking help from medical professionals and other counselors.

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