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We are so excited about this new year and a new season for our Ruach House and CityRuach! 
As we build on the foundation laid over the past year we are relaunching with a new House location and new branding. In order to simplify and streamline, we are going to drop the name “CityRuach” and merge the two projects into one Ruach House community. RuachHouse will launch this fall meeting the same important needs for Messianic Jewish young adults to experience life, Shabbat and community in the Boston area. Below is a list of our upcoming events and stay tuned for some new outreach initiatives in 2020!
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Upcoming Events
All of these events will take place at Ruach House and there will be more info about each one sent out closer to the time!
Shabbat Dinners: These include a POTLUCK meal so please let us know what you are planning to bring!(Keep all food dishes Kosher/ dairy/parve please!)
Havdalah Hangouts: During this time we will say goodbye to Shabbat together with fun songs, games and light nosh. There will be a light nosh but NO DINNER served at this event so make sure to eat before!)


  • Jan. 18 – Havalah Hangout: 5:30PM  
  • Jan. 24 – Ruach Shabbat Dinner: 7:00PM 
  • February 8 (Saturday) – Services Project (details heading your way soon)
  • February 15 – Havdalah Hangout at 5:30pm
  • February 28 – Shabbat Dinner at 7pm
  • March 14 – Havdalah Hangout at 5:30pm
  • March 27 – Shabbat Dinner at 7pm
  • April 11 – Havdalah Hangout at 5:30pm
  • April 17 – Shabbat Dinner at 7pm
  • May 2 – Havdalah Hangout at 5:30pm
  • May 22 – Shabbat Dinner at 7pm
  • June 13 – Havdalah Hangout at 5:30pm
  • June 19 – Shabbat Dinner at 7pm


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Ruach Israel 20s are part of a wider network of Messianic Jewish young adults. Pictured here are some young adults from the national UMJC 20s conference in D.C. Have questions about the UMJC 20s? Contact Rabbi Nathan. For more information go Visit the UMJC 20s page,. 


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