A special encouragement


It’s not Shabbat but it is a special day for the billions who observe Yeshua’s resurrection on this day. Although this blessed event is not shared on this specific day by Messianic Jews, nevertheless we come together in our belief that His Resurrection did, in fact, occur, and so, join in the joy of this unique miracle.


While jogging, the song noted below randomly came up and I wanted to share it with you today. Not because it is the most amazing song musically, but rather, because it expresses the significance of His resurrection in our lives. We are charged with the commandment, a blessed challenge, to love one another. We are to love others as He loves us.


It starts slowly, so give it a chance. Then I hope it brings many of you to your feet to dance with joy in your head and/or with your feet, and with your heart as you immerse yourself in His Love.




The lyrics remind us that all Jews are united in Him, the greatest Jew who ever lived, who taught us His Way for all. Have a blessed day in remembrance of Him as the orchestrator of reconciliation and love.



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