A time to reset

Every spring is a time when we typically focus on rebirth as the season brings new life in so many ways. We only have to open our eyes to see nature at work to bring back to life all that has been dormant over the winter.

This year it has been no secret that for many of us this process has been unusually delayed. Yes, New England winters are notorious but for April, even for here, the wind and the cold are lingering unusually longer, and looking at the national weather map, it seems many areas are being reminded that the grip of hibernation is still with us.

We do tend to be asleep in many ways over the colder months. For some of us who don’t participate in winter activities, we are just naturally slowed down from our usual time outdoors. And even if we love winter, it’s just harder to get around to tend to daily needs, especially during multiple Nor ‘Easters! Add onto that illnesses, like the long bout of the flu I and others are coming through and needless to say, we’ve had plenty of down time.

As the long winter hopefully comes to a close, as we regain our health, as we come through some tough times economically, and emotionally, this season in particular seems to be one of a hard reset, just as I’ve had to do with my laptop in order to bring this message to you. Since the crash of the motherboard on my old laptop two months ago until now, the journey has been long, but I am hopefully back to connect with you in this way.

What this long time of challenges has brought me to is a deeper understanding of the importance to take the time to really, really, really slow down, remove all distractions (having the flu is great for that), prayerfully listen, and prioritize. Our lives are ridiculously busy and we usually feel we have no choice, or that we want to do all these things, or that people need us more than they do, or we have to meet that deadline, or we really want that item, or, or, or, or. But when you can’t live the life you have come to assume is the best for you, you can hear some different and sweet music that may make your life even more amazing.

My laptop and I are coming back slowly. Neither of us are 100% at the moment. And it’s still amazingly blustery and cold outside. But having had to strip away so much of my usual routine and commitments for such a prolonged time, I’m slowly adding back very selectively what’s next. I’m more than ever recognizing the beauty of creation as I look out the window, no longer as longingly wishing I could be outdoors, but rather, in admiration of His constancy as the sun rises each day and sets, the waves still move, the eagles are flying, He is with us through it all.

My Ruach community seems more precious than ever, as are the loved ones in my life. My work awaits and it will get done as I am able. The grace of others has abounded during these times. I’ve had hours to think about the years ahead and what I would want them to look like. I am incentivized to live deep, and make each blessed breath count, not in doing but in experiencing, and in making a difference.

Perhaps this winter’s prolonged stay with us, a bit of a break from the ordinary even for here, gives us that opportunity to do a hard reset. It’s scary when we lose information we thought was essential, but it allows us to strip down and only rebuild what is most important really. We learn we can get by just fine without the fancy apps which more often than not just take precious time away from what’s really important – our Abba, our community, our loved ones, and how to best serve Him as we love others.

As this Passover season ends, as we emerge from ba midbar ready to rebuild, may your season of rebirth be the most blessed yet.

Shabbat shalom.


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