All I can say is “Wow!”


This week has been bursting with evidences of the breakthroughs in the healing of the Jewish/Christian schism. I say schism based on history, the millennia of anti-Semitism. Even today we cannot deny this challenge of humanity. Perhaps it is the drive to bring us together that most motivates my days. So when events such as what I’m about to describe seem to be extraordinarily plentiful, sharing them encourages us all, despite the headlines.


It seems that the filmmaking undertaking I described last week either raised my awareness or actually escalated the conversations between Jews and Christians that help us to overcome our differences and recognize our unity in Him. For those who may not have read that encouragement, I described my participation in an initiative of Our Daily Bread Ministries that focused on my journey as a Jewish woman who believes in Yeshua. Over the months and especially last week, I was part of so many conversations with these wonderful Christians as we discussed many thoughts and insights about our faiths. Working with these people who have dedicated their lives to bringing Yeshua’s light to the world caused my week to be hyper-focused on this reality, the effect of the experience bringing even more of Him to my world as well.


Aside from the synchronicities (too numerous to detail) and blessings that seem related to my having been willing to step outside of my comfort zone to do this project, it’s clear God is orchestrating opportunities for us to have conversations with others that lead to understanding. This week the Bible study group in Florida (in which I participate virtually when here) shared a flyer with me for a hair/nail salon opening in our neighborhood there. It started with the words, “A Christian Salon” run by “Chaplain Elizabeth”. Our group is multi-denominational having people of different religions: Jewish, Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Jehovah’s Witness, and a number of Protestant affiliations. In particular, the Jewish members of our group felt the language in the flyer referring to it as “A Christian Salon” was exceptionally non welcoming to us as Jews.


I actually spoke with Chaplain Elizabeth and she was horrified to think her flyer was interpreted in this way. Her motivation was quite the opposite. After years of doing nails for patients in nursing homes and in hospice before her dad’s death, she felt God had called her to share His reality to others in a wider community. Her intent was to have a place of peace including worshipful music where people would be encouraged to share how God has been in their lives. After the shock of hearing how her flyer felt to some, she was grateful to know and wants to continue our conversation on how to better communicate and to continue this interfaith dialogue, in general. My Bible study group and especially those who had been offended were so moved by her explanation, especially my cousin who whole heartedly believes the prayers of the many who prayed for her healing is why she is alive today.


On the heels of that amazing experience on Friday, I went to services at Ruach last Shabbat and was struck by our new Ark, a true work of art. Although I could appreciate its beauty, my first thought, given its size, was how would our co-owners High Rock Church feel about such a large Jewish permanent presence at the front of their services on Sunday mornings? Needless to say, the Ark committee had been working with our church co-owners for the last five years so this was no surprise to them. When I learned that our church friends were fine with it, I actually felt this reaction was completely of God and answered prayer. After all, He is the Great Healer.


The very next morning I was playing in a group I’m in called “Ukuleles Heal the World” at an Episcopal Church service where the cross mounted on the front wall was made of two medium sized tree branches placed at right angles to form the shape of a cross, the juncture tied with natural twine. The minister spoke from a lectern. That was the “décor”. What if High Rock were of that preference for style? Or perhaps conversation led to understanding along the way as the Ark plans were being designed and size planned? Or most likely how God worked on hearts.


At the Sunday church service the theme of the sermon was healing. We heard of the minister’s health challenges (quite unpredictable, unanticipated, lengthy, life threatening, almost unbearable) and yet she was able to return that Sunday after months away. She was now able to see how each challenge had a blessing in it though unable to be appreciated or able to be understood at the time she experienced them. Her point was God answers all of our prayers, just not in the ways we expect, at the time we want, or as we can understand, just sometimes not how, when, or what we are expecting. Her personal life examples were compelling. She reminded us that undoubtedly the prayers of the many who prayed for her were answered.


Clearly we are living in times of the healing of the historical schism that has separated our Jewish and Christian brothers and sisters. As Messianic Jews we are blessed to be the bridge with some understanding of not only the theological underpinnings of the Judeo-Christian connections, the intertwining of our faiths, but also, we have been given the life experiences we each bring to that conversation that make this information relatable.


We are even uniquely placed to understand and discuss the intra Jewish challenges of Messianic Judaism. This week I have been interfacing with two Jewish organizations with which I’ve developed a relationship. The communications are rich with shared knowledge and insights, possibilities for understanding our differences better, but more importantly, realization of how much we have in common. God is in this.


Each of us has been uniquely placed where we are for a purpose – to share His Love with others and to serve Him. Scripture knowledge deepens our dialogue which is why reading it daily can only help you serve Him better. Yet don’t hold back by feeling inadequate or ill prepared, for these qualifications we all have – the ability to love and the ability to share that love through our conversations and interactions with others. I can only say if you do so He will open your eyes to more and more opportunities and evidences of His Reality and you will yearn for more.


A life filled with love, a Love that knows no bounds, experienced through our relationships with others and through feeling the joy of His Grace. Now that’s an amazing way to enter this . . .


Shabbat shalom.




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