Angelic messengers

HaShem has my number. When I seek Him, it is typically when I’m outdoors, in nature, and over the years He knows how to catch my attention. . .

As you know, butterflies definitely have a place in my spiritual world communication hotline. I look at them as angelic messengers, working with the angels, unseen but nevertheless at work. And so it was with me yesterday, as I was experiencing an inordinately stressful chain of events. Just as I ended my last call, filled with frustration and worry, at that very moment, as I passed a window on the second floor of our home, a Monarch butterfly came to that window and flew alongside me, separated by the glass but clearly flying with me. I knew then that all would be fine. My Abba has this. Immediate relief from my trying to figure out how all of just went down could ever be right.

As I jogged later that day, pondering and praying, I passed a very troubling sight. A Monarch butterfly, though one of a much paler hue, was lying on the road along my route. As I tried to help it, I realized it was dead, its wings in tact and standing upright, but its head seemingly attached to the road. What did it mean??? I’ve learned from previous experiences not to go down that road too far. Abba really likes to direct the timing of the mysteries and their revelations, so I tried not to think about it. . . Yet every time I would loop past the poor creature, I couldn’t help but think about it. . . I fought to stay in that earlier place of knowing everything would be fine.

This morning’s jog, a couple days later, in HaShem’s timing, brought me my answers, at least in part. As I rounded a corner before that place in the road, a random pale orange Monarch butterfly (the only other one I had seen in 30 minutes) flitted across my path. I exclaimed aloud, “Oh Abba, you are so amazing. The little butterfly up the road is fine!” Then, as I jogged further up the road, there on the road still lay the dead (identical looking) butterfly. For a moment I was confused? First, how could that same butterfly from several days earlier even be in that same position with wings up? So many cars and predators have been by and surely it would have been further damaged or gone by now? And why the same looking flying one just down the road?

Then I understood. Our physical bodies do remain, for awhile, not detracting from the spiritual place afterward where dwell our souls, with Him in a more all encompassing world. Such a vivid, viscerally experienced reminder of this truth, just at the time when I needed to hear it as I struggle with the life and death decisions surrounding my loved one who may be entering that place in both worlds.

My access to such direct interaction, such direct communication, such knowledge of these messengers that are in our lives, did not happen overnight. It is the result of years of seeking Yeshua, our Messiah, our Abba, and an openness to believing in a vivid spiritual world all around us that is real. I encourage each of you to continue your quest to find His Presence, here and now, in the ways that speak to you, in the ways you can hear Him. For many, including me, music is a window to this world, those special songs of praise to Him. Creating – writing, singing, playing instruments, creating art – are often ways to communicate with the world beyond the one we typically see. Regular Scripture reading and prayer are clearly invitations to Him signifying we have put all else aside and are seeking Him through His words and holy writings. Even choosing to love another when seemingly impossible to do so, showing kindness to one who is being unloving at the time, being able to put ourselves in our brothers’ and sisters’ shoes, stretching our hearts through these activities open our souls more deeply to hear Him and see His signs.

I encourage you to keep the conversation going with our Creator. Listen and look deeply, beyond the obvious, and you will hear and see how much you are loved, treasured, being helped in ways you may not even yet be able to notice, not only by Yeshua, but also, by His many, many, many very special angelic helpers.

Shabbat shalom.

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