Last week I had a debilitating headache. This has never happened to me before and was quite disturbing. The timing also lined up with some unusual stress, but also, with work I was to do to advance His Kingdom. I literally could not talk, or write, the pain was so bad. So needless to say, not much was accomplished.

Also, I had plans coming up to go to Ruach, to a joint karate school graduation sponsored by my brother and sister representing a beautiful reconciliation for me, and then to see all my grandchildren together in one place just 3 hours away (one group lives in Denver). So much nachas (joy) coming up, and yet, I couldn’t get out of bed.

As the weekend approached, I couldn’t imagine I could pull myself together enough to participate in all that was to occur. Friday arrived and we needed to pick up our RV from the repair shop in Maine on our way to Massachusetts for the grandbaby visit. We didn’t make it, so we had to pick it up on Saturday morning causing us to miss services. I made it to the graduation but succumbed to head pain AND we got locked into the school parking lot. The evil one was still at work, now working to keep us away from the celebratory dinner. After calls to the local police and an hour and half of waiting, we were able to leave although we did miss the dinner.

As we were driving down to see the grandbabies on Sunday, I was chatting with my sister Wendy and she shared the following YouTube video with me. I asked Margaret to pray for me as I put on my headphones:

(Be sure to play it all the way to the end to read the text)

All I can say is after listening to it, my headache was 95% gone. The other 5% must have vanished at some point that afternoon as I was running around the back yard with my three year old granddaughter and snuggling the babies. Love completed the cure.

When under attack, when beaten down and unable to get up, don’t lose sight of the power of prayer and the spiritual realm at work all around us. God’s angels are real.

Shabbat shalom.

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