Another tree hugging experience

This year we have been blessed with one of the most beautiful fall seasons I can remember. The changing of the leaves seemed to have started even earlier than I remember from previous years, and only this week did we really have a storm that swept through with wind and rain to bring much of the colored foliage down. In past years I would experience the growing change of colors as a beautiful landscape vista. This year that perspective was combined with observations during my jog times with HaShem to notice more detail. The new observances combined with the multiple weeks of beauty allowed the trees to speak to me in new ways:

Each individual leaf starts with a touch of color that over time spreads to the whole leaf.
We see a glimpse of Him that begins our journey of knowing Him.

The covering of the leaf with color takes time.
So does our walk with Him.

The leaves near the top sometimes turn first.
He grabs our attention.

Trees stand side by side, but some change to the brilliant colors, some don’t.
Not everyone finds Him at the same time.

Trees with beautiful sections of colored leaves are within a tree otherwise green.
We walk as believers in Yeshua among our people.
Our youth are sometimes less able to see Him.

Trees that are mostly green and yellow have an area of brown leaves.
Within ourselves we have times of doubt.
Within communities there are different levels of faith.

The final brown leaves fall as the foliage dies, but they contribute to new growth over time.
We must die to that which separates us from Him.
As He resurrected, we, too, will live in Him.

So many trees, such individuality.
He loves and knows every hair on our heads.

HaShem speaks to us in so many ways. Each day brings another opportunity to hear Him, and see His miracles. What a blessing to bask in the miracles, and especially to see yourself as part of a perfectly created world filled with His beauty, His love, and Him.

Shabbat shalom.

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