Sid and I used Airbnb this summer to rent out our home in ME while we were at camp. It was a great experience and as HaShem provides, we earned almost to the dollar the amount we needed to have our house painted.

Since Airbnb provides some sense of security regarding the identities of the renters by obtaining their driver’s license information, phone, and email addresses, we have felt fairly at ease with the process. Also, by the time the guests arrive I have usually interchanged with them about their needs and have read reviews about them from other hosts.

Only the last renter was a first timer so there were no reviews and her facial expression on her photo was not a very happy one, so I didn’t have my usual sense of calm about the upcoming rental. As the time for her group’s arrival came closer I just had to set aside my irrational fear and trust HaShem.

And did He ever show up! Not only was her group probably the best of the summer in leaving our house pristinely clean, but they turned out to be, I believe, students from a Christian school so most likely believers in Yeshua. She shared with me in her post visit comments that on Sunday morning they gazed in awe at the beauty of the view of the ocean from our deck as they listened to “How Great Thou Art” and she blessed us both for sharing our home. They have already asked to come back next summer.

How quickly we judge based on appearances. How often those faulty assumptions take us down fear filled roads of false conclusions. How reaffirming when we can let go of our human insecurities and experience anew “How Great Thou Art.”

Shabbat shalom.

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