Camp Or L’Dor

As you can already tell, Camp Or L’Dor this year was a huge success. The group of young people were exceptionally inspirational to all of us and there seemed to be amazing emotional and spiritual growth by most of the campers.

One of our events was Israel Day. There was a section of our host camp’s facilities that was a mock up of Israel so it lent itself well to the planned activities. Israeli trivia was played as the campers stood on a map of the Middle East that was painted on the concrete upon which they were standing making the geography very tangible. They had races to see which team could put on and off IDF soldier uniforms the fastest.

As I watched our young director Shayna, who is from Israel and has served in the IDF, lead the various exercises, I couldn’t help but think about the lives camp has touched vis-à-vis our love of Israel. How poignant as the group wrote letters to our Camp Or L’Dor alumni who now live there. Two of our campers from several years back have already made aliyah and are currently serving in the IDF. I remember when these two young men first came to camp and let’s just say, I would not have anticipated their making aliyah one day. In our camp this summer are more youths making aliyah, and our director’s sister came from their home in Jerusalem as a counselor this year. Not that camp’s goal is to encourage moving to Israel; but clearly the love of our homeland as the spiritual center of our faith is a message well learned.

Toward the end of camp each year Rabbi Nathan asks the group if anyone feels that he or she wants to accept Yeshua into their hearts, if not for the first time then in a more deep and meaningful way given the journey each has taken. It is so moving when the usual handful come forward. This year few remained seated, as a huge circle of young people came to embrace our Messiah more deeply than ever before.

Our Abba is moving mightily in this next generation, raising up amazing young leaders and drawing close our youth. It is a blessing beyond words to be a part of this experience, and I urge you to stay encouraged in your walk as His workings in this world continue to unfold.

Shabbat shalom.

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