Can’t make this stuff up!


As some of you may know, Sid and I have spent the last four months in Florida. Although our time there has truly been blessed and fruitful, we are so happy to be back to New England. We’ve landed in Westford for a week at sister Wendy’s home and plan to make it all the way back to our home in Maine next week.


On our way back from Florida we planned a little side trip to Nashville to catch a show but were also hoping to add two more state stickers to our RV map of states we had traveled – West Virginia and Kentucky. To do that we actually had to go a little out of our way but decided it would be worth it since it’s such a long drive anyway, a little further wouldn’t matter.


As we headed up 75N to cross the Ky line and to plot the best course to Bluefield, W Va, three possibilities presented themselves on our GPS – one was to backtrack down I75S back to route 40 onto I81, both major roads/interstates. The middle route was twenty minutes shorter and the one we chose which seemed to be an interesting one through the mountains. No need to go even further north for the third route option.


By the time we got to Williamsburg, KY it was late afternoon and we really only had a couple hours of sunlight left, at most. We had decided not to backtrack, but rather to take the more scenic middle route through the Appalachian mountains, or at least that was the way we were leaning when Sid went into the mart to grab some snacks for the journey as we refueled. While he was inside I was having second thoughts, since the road we picked did look a little curvy, and was in the mountains which meant narrow roads, daylight was waning, and fog would be a high possibility.


When Sid returned to the RV, and even before I could say anything, he said he had spoken to a local at the mart and when he asked her about the road we had chosen her comment was, “It’s very curvy and there are lots of accidents.” I can’t make this next part up. . .


As Sid was saying these words, my GPS which had been on suddenly said, “Road closed” and completely removed that choice from my GPS! Most likely an accident had just occurred up ahead. I was struck in awe of God’s rescuing hand – so intimately protecting us – even sending an “angel” messenger to warn Sid, too! Clearly we were not to take that route!


As we got on I75 S to go back the way we came, we passed this sign on the MEDIAN of the INTERSTATE:

“There is evidence for God”


Really??? There it was, on an interstate, no other billboards anywhere in sight or for miles after that – and on the median??!!


Evidence indeed! As if to drive the point home! Literally! He is in our every moment, every breath, watching out for us as our divine parent.


I can’t explain why it sometimes feels like He isn’t there even though we know He is. I do know that sometimes He makes His Presence undeniably clear, all the more reason to bask in those moments of revelation He provides so abundantly.


We don’t have to have inexplicable, perfectly timed, synchronistic events to be aware of His Presence, His care of our every need. When He does show up in such a dramatic way, we are reminded to never take for granted His powerful Love of us, as we are overwhelmed in awe.


May we need no reminders but stay strong in our love of Him, as He stays everpresent in His love for us.


Shabbat shalom.



P.S. Great to be back! For those of you local, see you at Ruach this Shabbat! 😊

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