The headlines for the past several weeks have discussed the coronavirus believed to have originated in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. As you know, from its remote and one-on-one beginnings, migrating unpredictably between unrelated species, it has traveled the world wreaking not only health havoc, but also, affecting economies internationally.

Popular culture through books and movies has capitalized on the fear of pandemics and reality is substantiating some of those fears. Yet hope of a cure is nearing as well as more positive thinking even in some of the stock market analyses. Something as incredibly far reaching as this disease will ultimately be contained and lessons learned to avoid similar missteps next time. And there will be a next time, perhaps not as bad if we can learn from our mistakes.

So many ramifications from a negative experience, but what are the positive take aways?

“Coronavirus” – interesting name. . .
Could the name suggest anything good? Well not the virus part where corona describes how vastly it can spread. Yet “corona” comes from Latin for “crown”, and scientifically describes the surrounding plasma of the sun and celestial bodies that extends for millions of miles into space. True, evil can spread like a virus, but so can a crown of goodness touch multitudes.

The unclean/thoughtless/inhumane treatment of animals by just a handful of people can have far reaching consequences.
Could each person make a similar difference worldwide by abiding by humane treatment of God’s created beings? We can make a positive difference one person at a time.

What happens in a remote area can affect places thousands of miles away.
Aren’t we all family? When we love those we know, and they, in turn love others, there is no geographic limit to the sharing of that love. Conversely, when we speak negatively, or act negatively toward another, the feathers have left the pillow and fly beyond our control. Social media amplifies actual travel in its ability to have our thoughts and ideas shared globally. All the more reason to stay positive, kind, and loving in our words. Wow! What an impact we can make!

Secrets are toxic. The mistake was hidden causing even more far reaching suffering. Whether you ascribe to the conspiracy version of the story, or the one more publicly discussed, the newly discovered virus was not disclosed forthrightly. The delay created even more illnesses and deaths.
Are there secrets in your life holding you back from intimacy with others? Intimacy with HaShem?

Without the labor of Chinese factory workers, even the most wealthy are suffering.
Do you feel less successful or important if you are just getting by financially? The most expensive automobile can’t operate without the hinges for the doors, not to mention the technical components. Yet only as a team effort does the desired result occur. We each have so much to contribute. Nothing we do is insignificant. Our value is not measured by dollars, but rather, by our ability to contribute to the greater good by our thoughts and deeds.

Emotionally based buying and selling have affected stock markets, and so, the world economy.
What centers you in times of stress? Unlike emotions impacting the stock market, we can take comfort in knowing that HaShem has our lives under His care. There may be times of challenge, precautions we can take to better the outcomes through some of our choices, but ultimately we rest assured the uncertainty will resolve. He covers us.

As this Shabbat approaches, I encourage you to remember how every hair on your head is known, every act you do matters, and that HaShem has this.

Shabbat shalom.

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