Zikhron Immanuel

23 Dec 2023 | 05:00 pm - 08:00 pm

Let’s come together to remember the birth of our Messiah through Zikhron Immanuel, an innovative Messianic Jewish seder.


We’re often asked whether we, Messianic Jews, celebrate Christmas. Our answer has always been complicated…until now!
Modeled after the Passover Seder “Zikhron Immanuel” (remembrance of God among us) is a special seder meal designed to retell our Messiah’s birth story in a Jewish way.
Zikhron Immanuel has elements that reflect the Pesach Seder. There are four cups — the cup of Elishava and Zachariah, the cup of Miriam and Joseph, the cup of Immanuel and the cup of Zikhron Mashiach. Symbolic Seder elements, including a table cloth of straw and music help us relive Yeshua’s story throughout the festive meal.
We begin at the close of the Shabbat preceding the nation’s celebration of the birth of our Messiah on Christmas, anchoring Zikhron Immanuel in Jewish time while deeply connected to our Christian brothers and sisters. Our seder is kindled by the Havdalah flame — a time often experienced as a glimpse of the eight day and a reminder that in Messiah Yeshua we will see the world that is entirely Shabbat, the Kingdom of God.