Faith – Part 3

The past couple weeks we have been digging into the concept of faith. Such a deep concept but we are given so many small, practical ways to practice strengthening our faith muscles.

While we were in Florida this year I had wanted to buy a sun shirt, the kind that are long sleeved, made of a quick dry material, and provide protection from UV rays. Our time there was almost up for the year and I had been patiently waiting but was unable to find what I wanted at our local store so felt a little discouraged. I felt like I didn’t get what I wanted.

On our last day in Florida I went into a store that had apparel, jewelry, purses, hats, but not swimwear. Yet there on a shelf was one, just one, sun shirt, in my size and if I could have picked a design, this would have been the one I would have chosen – a beautiful mermaid with long golden hair.

As I thought about it, I said, “I was not able to get what I wanted but I got what I wanted when I waited. The example is trivial, yet the insight is important not just for small disappointments in life, but also is the basis for faith. We often don’t get what we think we wanted only to find out that by waiting, we get what we actually wanted, be it a different, but better job, even a different spouse. Disappointments become blessings in disguise, sometimes even through unwanted illnesses.

In response to “Faith – Part 2”, I received the following email from Rabbi Yahnatan Lasko. I felt it so powerful and on point for a next level of exploration on this topic that I am sharing it as this week’s Shabbat encouragement. Please follow his suggestions to not only listen to the performance, but also to open the other links as well.

Caution: The blog is a hard read and I have not reviewed all of the comments.

From Rabbi Yahnatan:


Hi Diane,

A friend of mine shared this inspiring video from America’s Got Talent which has been making the rounds since last week:

The video is moving (as these videos tend to be). However, what caught my attention later was learning that she was a Christian (e.g. and to read this moving reflection by the singer on prayer, spirituality, and life struggles:

Probably a ten minute watch/read, and I’m pretty sure it will encourage you.


Our faith walk is not an easy one. And in some cases, as in Jane/Nightbirde’s walk, hers is beyond belief in the road to Him journeyed. Yet how He pulls us closer to Him to strengthen our faith and reveals Himself even moreso as the challenges rise. Beyond belief. That is faith.

Shabbat shalom.

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