Recently when looking at one of HaShem’s created beauties though binoculars, I thought about how this device amazingly allows me to feel so close to something so very far away. Although the creature under view didn’t move toward me, through the hidden mechanism of the lenses at work, we were brought closer together. By opening my eyes, and making adjustments with the focus apparatus, that which was not able to be seen with such clarity became clear, real to me.

Similarly, when we take a magnifying glass and study something small, it becomes great in our eyes. We become able to see the myriad of detail, amazing miraculous symmetries of butterfly wings and flowers. Without the magnifier, the infinite detail exists but is not able to be seen with clarity or at all. You may also remember from your childhood, if you focus the sun’s light just right through a magnifying glass on something dry and able to be set on fire, the more intense becomes the light, the heat, and ultimately, the flame.

When we use binoculars, we most often have seen something we are curious to be able to see more clearly. Similarly, when we seek HaShem, as we open both eyes and adjust our focus, He becomes more apparent. We are able to see His Hand in our lives, the daily miracles, His grace. Just as the object of our binoculars normally isn’t moving closer, it’s as if it is right next to us, so too, if we seek God and have the eyes to see Him, He comes into focus clearer and clearer, as if He is right next to us, as is the feeling when we experience HaShem through Yeshua. He allows us to be with Him intimately as He draws near.

We sing, “Join with me to magnify the Lord.” It is not our Abba who becomes magnified for He is already magnificent. Rather, it is when each of us praise, glorify, worship, exult, and live by His example, that we magnify His presence in this world. We are as the magnifying glasses bringing his awesomeness to others through our lives in Him.

And as the light through the magnifying glass can ultimately bring forth fire, as this New Year begins, may each of us be on fire for the Lord as we live more deeply focused on Him.

L’Shanah Tovah and Shabbat Shalom.

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