How did I get myself into this??!!


This week I had a new experience. I can’t say it was on my bucket list. As a matter of fact, it was an activity that was w-a-a-a-y-y-y outside of my comfort zone. Perhaps that is the point.


A month or so ago my favorite radio show Chagigah Radio on Sunday morning was doing a fundraiser. I was so moved by the DJ Hal Slifer’s plea for support that Sid and I donated an amount that allowed us to a “Meet and Greet” with him. This included taking a tour of the station, lunch with Hal, and to be a guest DJ on the program to introduce two songs of our choosing. At the time, in theory, it seemed like it would be fun and a good opportunity to be engaged in my Jewish community.


As the time grew closer, however, the reality of being on a live radio show was completely intimidating to me. As I pondered the two songs we would be choosing to introduce and play, I struggled with the various issues this would raise as I balanced my Messianic Jewish perspective and the listening audience’s more mainstream Jewish sensibilities. After all, the Sunday morning schmooze nature of the show was not the forum for deep discussion and possible controversy. I also wanted to be respectful of Hal’s kindness who knowing my religious beliefs due to our various interchanges over the last couple years still trusted Sid and me with this live experience in front of . . .  8500 listeners! On the other hand, I could not ignore HaShem’s Hand in placing me in such a position.


Yes, 8500 listeners! Right before we went on air Hal shared that small detail with us about the vast, predominantly Jewish audience!! Chagigah is the third highest listened to radio show in that time slot. That knowledge surely didn’t help me to relax!


Suffice it to say the morning and the day’s events were beyond my wildest imagination for a great experience. Not only did Hal succeed in helping Sid and me relax during the hour before that we had with him, we also were able to bring Ruach Israel’s name, and Rabbi Rich’s, as well as some of our music to our wider Boston Jewish community as well as to the other listeners elsewhere who listen through the app. Even better than that, Sid and I were able for the two hour meal afterward to have a deeply meaningful conversation about Messianic Judaism with Hal who now will be in such a better position to dispel some of the common stereotypes.


The bigger point of this message is really not about all of that nachas, although I did dance for joy much of Monday morning. What was really brought home to me by this experience was the message in Sunday and Monday’s Daily Dvar Scripture readings  –  When we are weak in Him it allows Yeshua’s power to work in us. We are to be glad when we are weak for Yeshua’s power is made perfect in our weakness. When we are weak, then we are strong.


How these words resonated with me after this experience!! I had been so nervous to do this live DJ gig, and yet by doing so, God filled me with His strength and used this experience so magnificently to further His Kingdom here on earth.


Hal has written to us this week thanking us for our DJ gigs as well as the “enjoyable discussion” over lunch. He says he’s looking forward to more schmoozing with us too! I know that should he get negative comments from our being on the show he is now in a much better position to explain who we are to others. Conversation leads to understanding. Even the interactive non-controversial conversation on air with Hal, Sid, and me that morning, personal and lighthearted as it was, helped all listeners to hear our hearts of love, hearts filled with Him.


Through kindness, and better understanding of each other, God’s Love works through us in this world, one person at a time, and through each of us, ultimately reflects back to Him as we adore and worship Him, the source of all love.


As Shabbat approaches, I encourage you to rest deeply in order to fortify yourself for what opportunities may present themselves to you in the coming days and weeks, chances to offer up your weaknesses for His Glory.


Shabbat shalom.



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