I am thankful for . . .

As we join with family and friends today for Thanksgiving, I have been reflecting on all that I have to be thankful for. And I realized that the “I” in that sentence just doesn’t fit. I realized that I am so much a part of my Ruach community that most of what I am thankful for, aside from my family, of course, my faith in God, my health, and I guess I’ll throw my job in there too, involves you, my Ruach family.

I moved here from Ohio almost 15 years ago. It’s very hard at that stage in life to make such a major change and be able to build new extended relationships, especially outside of my immediate geographic area of home or work. And Sid and I commute back and forth to Maine where we live during part of the week, so the challenge could be even tougher.

So what’s really amazing, and what I am so very thankful for, right after God and family, is to be so rooted in my Ruach community. In this predominantly virtual reality we all participate in via computers, IPhones, and the like, to feel connected in the way I do, and I hope you do too, is a blessing that we should never take for granted. To be part of a community of God-centered, loving and caring people is a blessing beyond words. The caring and wise leadership of Rabbi Rich, the exuberance and creativity of Rabbi Nathan, the inspiring voice of our senior cantor Phil and others in his tutelage, the many musical talents, are rare gifts.

For those of you receiving this e-mail and who come to Ruach regularly, I encourage you to partake of the joy of being part of this Ruach-filled community by participating even more fully – and to be thankful. To those of you receiving this message and who live far away or who have only occasionally attended, I encourage you to stay connected with your God-centered community, whether it’s ours or another. Through our participation in honoring HaShem in community, we reach our highest ability to live in that space most close to our Abba for He fills the room, palpably. Now that is something to be thankful for.

Shabbat shalom.

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