Like the single leaf

On my morning jog a young, healthy, green leaf fell unexpectedly in front of me crossing my path. It is only July and all the leaves are still lush and green. It struck me as odd that this single leaf, on a calm day, would be felled to die not in the usual cycle of autumn. Its descent reminded me that it will die, and although untimely, its death will over time serve to nourish the living greenery that will thrive from its decomposition. Through its death will spring new life. Such is the way of nature. So too, Yeshua was felled in his youth, suffered an untimely death, and came back restored, a new divine life that nourishes this created world beyond human understanding. Just as did Yeshua, the single falling leaf, taken in its prime, became part of a bigger story of infinite death and rebirth.

I was reminded that these unexpected events, which seem unfortunate at the time, often become part of a larger story that unfolds over time with ultimately positive consequences. We typically cannot see the good when we are in pain, or when enduring severe challenges, even though we trust, or we work to trust, that our Abba will use the situation for the good on His, not our, timeline. We even work to have faith that if we never see the good outcome, we know it will be so someday in HaOlam HaBa, the world to come.

I was reminded of Christopher Reeve, Superman no less, felled in his prime, like the healthy single leaf, yet so much good sprang from that tragedy. Due to his celebrity status, not only was research prioritized to find more treatments for spinal cord injuries, but also, his wife and others were incentivized to devote their lives to working toward medical advancements that would help those similarly struck down in their prime as these types of situations usually occur through an unforeseen accident, or inexplicable event, like the falling green leaf. It is a mystery why Christopher Reeve was injured so irreversibly, and that such tragedy strikes at all. Yet in the events that followed we can see God behind the bigger plan even if we can’t understand, nor make fit, all the pieces of the puzzle.

As my mind was flooding with all of these thoughts, of course our Abba had to punctuate the revelations with the words, at those precise moments, with the words from “Peter’s Song”-

“He wants to see me restored, to share a holy message – feed My sheep.”

Life had been busier than usual with summer travel and my rhythm to spend time with Him had been disrupted. A couple weeks had gone by without my making time for inspiration, meditation, jogs filled with prayer and thanksgiving. I was so grateful this morning to get back on track, and He did not disappoint with the green leaf drifting down before my eyes. As I made time for Him, He spoke to me, with the thoughts I am sharing with you. HaShem wanted to see me restored, to share these insights, to feed us all with the reminder of His presence.

We are not of the level of apostles as Peter. We are, however, called to be His disciples, each and every one of us. And as we carve out time for our Abba in each of our days, He brings His closeness to us, brings us to Him through His Son, Yeshua. As we allow to die that which separates us from our Abba – excuses and secular distractions – He makes new each of our days, brings life into the darkest moments and challenges we face, restores us, heals us, loves us, is with us. Through this interaction with the Divine, He brings His light to this world, yes, even through the flutter of a falling green leaf.

Shabbat shalom.

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