Lovefest on Ruach


Well, this seems to be a season of travel. Sid and I had planned a couple winter getaways but what was unplanned were the three business trips in a row that filled the weeks in between. Although I could make it to Ruach on most Shabbats, it still seems like I’ve been away way too much and it’s definitely affecting my perspective . . . in a good way.


HaShem has created us as social beings. No man is an island is true in the deepest senses. This does not mean we shouldn’t cherish our alone time. If it were not for my times by myself, these Shabbat encouragements would not happen. But that is because in those times I am not alone. I am the most deep in my relationship with HaShem. When we are by ourselves and away from distractions, we have the choice to do many things, some of which are productive, some destructive. But the choice to be in intimacy with our Abba results in some of the best times we live.


Our times with our spouses, significant others, and family are to be cherished as well. Sid and I have grown in our love for each other and have been able to shine light in the corners of our relationship by taking a break from the day-to-day stresses and secular demands on us. Making your loved one(s) the focus of time set aside for just that, and sharing how each of you affects the other, is an important part of maintaining healthy relationships. These times of recharge are important to schedule into our busy lives.


Discernment is challenging. When we are one-on-one with Hashem, it is like a chat with the most amazing best friend you can’t even imagine. When we combine that interaction with prayer and scripture reading, it’s like we’re reading a book together, in each other’s space somehow, for through Yeshua we feel our Abba’s embrace, His guidance, His leading. Yet even with that intimacy, what we are to do sometimes is not always clear. It helps to discuss life’s paths with our loved ones, yet we need more. . .


Enter the scene our brothers and sisters in Yeshua, there not only to share our joys and sorrows, but also, to help us discern His guiding in our lives. Living our lives in a community of brothers and sisters in Yeshua is more than just the icing on the cake. It is the oven that gently warms, surrounds, and creates the golden glow of completion.  Having to miss our beloved Cantor Phil’s and his/our beloved Connie’s wedding helped me to appreciate all the more how special our Ruach Israel community is. Actually by our living in two states we already understand its preciousness, the recent travels providing an even more poignant reminder. The diversity of our Ruach Israel community is a microcosm of HaShem’s human creations, each bringing to our mutual experiences a unique perspective to share through which we are all blessed.


When we’re alone, it’s easy to take God for granted; He’s always there. In relationships, how often do we not express our love to the other, knowing he or she gets you. This week, and every week, I encourage you to not only show your love for our Abba and your loved ones, but to thank Him for your spiritual community and to show your love too. Be there, love one another, and if you belong to the Ruach Israel community, see you on Shabbat!


Shabbat shalom.


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