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I have written to you before about my belief in angels. Not only have I read about them, but I have experienced them in my own life. I have so many white feather stories! Several years ago, Sid and I were truly rescued by a couple of angels from a disastrous descent on Cadillac Mountain, and I even have a photograph of angels surrounding me during a time of danger, the picture taken with a regular camera, for HaShem does not need our technology!

The new thought regards synchronicities – that perfect timing of events when you know it can’t just be coincidence. You know it is God showing up in your life at that moment to remind you of His Presence.

I believe that coincidences are actually spiritually designed events that have connection even though we may not be able to see it. Given spiritual warfare, I assume these timings can also be negative though the ones I’ve been blessed to see and appreciate to date have been inexplicable good ones – a song’s lyrics playing just as I needed to hear those words, poignantly timed signs in nature, a person calling at a meaningful moment in a conversation. It is this last example that occurred this week and prompted me to dig a little deeper.

I’ve shared with you the challenging journey recently of a family member dealing with a spouse in end stage cancer. I speak to her daily as we navigate these trying times. While she was running an errand her husband had fallen so she was rushing back home. He is a large man and the home health aide was unable to pick him up from the floor.

Just as we were discussing this, another call came in. It was one of her other health aides who works a different day’s shift calling out of the blue on her day off just to see if everything was all right! She had a feeling something was wrong! Not only was the timing inexplicable, but she actually had the answer of how to lift a person from the floor using a towel technique that the two would be able to try when my family member returned home.

The very next day, as I was chatting with my loved as she was on the way to Urgent Care for herself, another family member called. At that precise moment and from work which is highly unusual, so the three of us could process the latest health crisis together, and most importantly, so my hurting family member would not feel so alone. Love, divine from Him through us, being administered to one in need.

Perhaps my loved one’s angels prompted the callers to call just at those moments. Or the callers’ angels urged each to call. Or perhaps the angels on both sides worked together. In any event, the result was powered by the love that is showered on us from above and that we then share in our deep personal interactions.

Not that we’ll ever really understand the mystical workings, but given my growing appreciation for the role of angels in our lives, I’m pondering a slight tweak to my understanding of these synchronistic moments for you to ponder as well. In the spiritual world we cannot see, but one which we are given glimpses of, and which is everpresent in our realm as well, there are multiple ways that our Abba manifests Himself. Clearly, as the God on High, He is Supreme, seeing and knowing all, yet He gives us free will to live our lives as we do. Further, through Yeshua and the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit), He ministers to and helps us live with the implications of our choices.

To add to that, I encourage you to open your mind just a bit more to ponder the role of angels in this mystically powerful network of divine beings. They are HaShem’s messengers, as we are reminded each Erev Shabbat when singing “Shalom Aleichem”:

“Shalom aleichem, mal’achei ha-sharet, mal’achei Elyon,
Peace be with you, ministering angels, messengers of the Most High . . . “

We really don’t have to know the details, for you are being cared for in these ways in spite of your personal beliefs.Yet when you allow yourself to believe that Divine Presence is in your life, you become more able to see it. When you open yourself to the possibility of such an enormous amount of spirituality that surrounds you, that interacts in your life, that propels you to good decisions, how can you not at least want to try to believe. . . ?

Shabbat shalom.

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