Oh Jerusalem – Part 2

Last week we marveled at the omnipresence of HaShem, magnificently even in the inner city of Chicago with no fanfare of beaches and trees. He literally meets us where we are and seeks us constantly. The question is how often do we seek Him?

Sometimes we may feel very connected to our Abba and routinely pray and speak with Him. To do so we need to be intentional since our days are filled with busy-ness. As we get distracted from our spiritual centers while living our lives, our Abba just waits, or reaches out to us in ways that jostle us back to the deeper reality of His presence – the beautiful synchronicities, the wings of a butterfly, the magnificence of His creations, the beauty of a song.

For some of us staying connected while living our daily lives may be easier than it is for others. My spiritual sister Chaya makes challah, with every knead of the dough, every step of the process a reminder of holy work, not to mention the other challenges she daily faces which draw her closer to Him. Even I as a lawyer who used to go to the office daily felt my spiritual life was integrated with my spiritual one. In my interactions with others, through Yeshua’s presence with me, I would feel his leading as I responded with kindness in times of challenge. I formed such deep relationships over time with my co-workers that my Jewish friends there and I would read together the prophetic passages of Isaiah, and even discuss Yeshua wholeheartedly with growing interest from my Jewish co-workers. By prioritizing HaShem in our lives, really at all times as the goal, we feel His Presence, in the subtle ways, and sometimes in the amazing ways too!

It’s not hard to remember how much we are loved by our Abba when we make the effort, or when His presence can’t be ignored. We reach out to Him, too, in times of trouble, or when we need something – healing or comfort. What we’re missing though is all the other times He is with us, not just to be brought off the shelf as needed, but rather, the understanding that He is always here with us as our constant lover. Remember the poetic beauty of the Song of Songs? That is the depth of the relationship, so hard to conceptualize, and yet written in words intended to help us understand the actual passion, the infinite, undying love HaShem has for us.

One of the ways we lose love relationships with each other is through neglect, by taking another for granted. And yet, even those who are strong believers in God do just that at times in our relationship with Him. Especially when life is going smoothly we can go through the proper motions, and yet, not be touching those deepest parts of our hearts – our bodies, minds, and spirits – in our relationship with our Abba. To the contrary, when we struggle, or need something, we go that extra mile, and seek Him as we are reminded of how much we need Him. We express our feelings and are able to feel His. Yet how much more vibrant would our lives be if we worked harder at our relationship with God all the time, for He is often the unrequited lover just waiting. . .

Perhaps the greatest love yet waits to be given to Him. Oh Jerusalem, how He longs for your love of His Son. Since I became a believer in Yeshua almost two decades ago, two days before 9/11, I have felt we are in those times when that love will be rekindled and felt by our Jewish brothers and sisters. This longing for such a reuniting is on my heart, as I know it is on the hearts of many of you. As we enter this new season of rebirth and harvest, I invite you to refocus on this eternal love, for HaShem has been steadfastly waiting. I will be sharing some thoughts on this topic on Saturday evening. Please contact me for more info if you are interested.

As we enter these days of days when all will know the name of Yeshua, our Messiah, may we pour out our love, beyond measure, and join in bringing more to Him.

Shabbat shalom.

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