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I have shared with you in the past my hesitation, anxiety, and feelings of inadequacy regarding a request to participate in a film series produced by Our Daily Bread highlighting faith stories of “Unshakable Moxie”. Last summer after much prayer and conversation I agreed to be part of this endeavor. I put thoughts of the project on a shelf in my mind until I would need to think about it.


That day has arrived as the scouting trip by Julie the producer and Matt the lead videographer occurred this week with the actual filming on location to occur in Maine at my home and surrounding areas during the last week of June. Over the past several weeks with the overflowing plate of our move back from Florida, travel for family weddings, and travel for work squeezed into the usual routines, my human capacity to think of yet one more anxiety-inducing thought (this upcoming project) tended to come in the middle of the night which sleep disruption only added to my feelings of “What did I get myself into?!”


All of that was true until the night before I was to meet in person these two wonderful people . . .


During a 3 AM wake up that night, when the thought of being part of this series would have normally felt stressful, instead, when I prayed to God to please put the right words in my mouth and serve Him as He desires, my mind was filled with ideas of the beauty of this show designed to strengthen especially our young people’s faith in Yeshua. He is real! If somehow sharing my faith journey can serve this mission, how exciting!


In place of my feelings of insecurity came gratefulness. The what or how were replaced with ideas to share with the producer. The difference in my emotions that night from those I had experienced before was such a startling reminder of the need to listen to God, to His leading us. When we let go, let God, it enables us to see His Purposes rather than focus on our part in effectuating those purposes. I just needed that reminder, once again. . .


And yet . . .


It also seems that unusual obstacles have made this undertaking difficult. Despite advance planning for the availability of shooting part of the video at Ruach, a change just occurred last Friday which will make that location not available on the scheduled dates. The drive to Ruach to meet Julie and Matt took twice the usual time with lane blockages for no apparent reason. When Sid and I arrived at Ruach, landscapers were using leaf blowers in such a way as to create a huge cloud of dust in the parking lot, just at that moment. Even Popham Beach, the site of my many jogs with our Abba/Yeshua has different filming challenges due to immense destruction from this past winter’s storms, not to mention drones for filming are not allowed there this time of year due to the nesting birds.


Despite these challenges, when I met Julie and Matt in person at Ruach I was filled with excitement about this project designed to bring Yeshua’s Light to those who will watch the series. Their passion for Him, their dedicated service inspired me, relaxed me, created a common feeling of excitement in Him. I feel blessed and grateful to be part of their vision to serve Him in this way.


The obstacles we are encountering punctuate the point that such a blessed initiative would displease the evil one who would do anything he can to bully us, amplify our insecurities, and try to keep out the Light.  In addition to the many examples of spiritual warfare mentioned I just learned today that Julie and Matt’s flight back had mechanical issues so they were not able to leave yesterday as planned. Praying they were able to make it home safely today.


Ironically, beautifully, in the way that God works, so far every obstacle we are encountering has become a blessing. We are only beginning to see how that is happening, watching the resolutions unfolding into new possibilities only increasing our sense of awe, as we are ceaselessly praying for protection, inviting others to do so as well.


“Synchronistically”, on my morning jog today the Daily Dvar portion playing in my headphones was Ephesians 6 which reminds us of the forces of evil and need for putting on the full Armor of God!  I had just discussed this Scripture portion with Julie yesterday and actually that was the scheduled reading for yesterday! Such a perfectly timed evidence of God intimately with us literally in every step.


Our spiritual journeys offer unique opportunities to walk closely with Yeshua. Over every obstacle, He walks with us, carries us. We are not meant to suffer alone or even figure it out. The more we try to figure it out, the slower we go.


Our failings, perceived or real, self doubt and insecurities, tools of the evil one, can be replaced with feelings of joy and gratefulness to be in His Service when we trust in Him more fully, whether we are participating in a video series or seeking opportunities to love others through even the seemingly smallest acts of lovingkindness to our fellow travelers on their journeys.  So often the least is the most and we are here to love others as our overarching purpose. How uplifting to another a mere smile can be. How transformative an act of sacrificial love.


All we have to do is keep listening to Him through prayer, Bible study, time with Him. By prioritizing God, making Him a part of even the smallest moments in our daily lives, we become able to feel the intimacy of His Love. He is always, every moment, with us.


It is understanding this truth that provides our


Shabbat shalom.


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