Silence – Part 2

As “noted” in the Simon and Garfunkel song “Sound of Silence”, “Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again,” silence is palpable.
Last week we saw the power of silence. It can bring us peace and meditative creativity. Or if used deliberately or carelessly by another to ignore a need or shirk a responsibility, silence can cause our minds to go to some dark scenarios if we don’t recognize the dynamic. We pondered the times when being silent can be good, to not give voice to negative replies rather than be pulled into a negative interaction. In contrast are the times when silence keeps us from speaking up for much needed change.

We thought about the power of silence in obvious situations, but what about all the love that is unleashed by breaking our silence for the more mundane, daily little things . . .

We don’t need encouragement, but it sure feels great. Our lives these days are so filled with dark stories, challenging world events, extreme weather. Having the ability to brighten another’s day by just a few words that we may not typically think to say, times when we would normally be silent, literally creates at that moment a love drop.

Rabbi Rich and Rabbi Nathan’s sermons each week – How they lift us up. What treasures. Break the silence. Let them know now and then.
Sid practices his guitar, song after song. I occasionally walk by and say, “Hey, that sounded good.” How good he feels when the silence at the end of a song is broken by a positive response.
The student leaves the classroom day after day after the teacher’s hard work. “Thanks for the great class.” How the overworked teacher would smile.
The grocery bagger, probably after standing for hours uncomplainingly and in silence, puts the last bag in your cart. Fill the silence with an acknowledgment of their service.
Your child is struggling with homework. Try a walk by with “You can do it.”
Your spouse is silently doing a chore as you notice how beautiful he or she is in your eyes. You share your loving thoughts as you admire their work and, even more, are motivated to chip in. Filling the typical silence with kind words actually encourages the encourager! Words of love are so powerful. . .

You have such a pretty smile.
Just look at that sunset.
You make that look easy!
That was so kind of you.
You go, girl!
Just give it time.

For most of us, we are more silent than not. Quiet exists around us as the norm with thoughts and actions filling most of our days. We don’t typically think about the quiet times since they are the absence of something. So occasionally sprinkling those spaces with kind words fills our world with love, and changes it for the better. The impact of just a few kind observances is enormous for such is the power of God’s love as we work His will in these ways. Instead of taking others for granted in the daily tasks of living, or in situations that have become our routine, we have the opportunity to drop a little love into that once quiet space. The opportunities are endless when we think about the many ways others in our lives, whether close or random, interact with us each day. And every time we encourage another we have created the possibility for that person to experience the wonderful feeling that may motivate him or her to do the same for another. The love drop ripples on . . .

You have chosen to read this message, to enter a place that strives to bring our Abba, our Yeshua, into our minds and hearts. You have other choices so kudos to you for seeking the light. And thank you to those who respond at times, for filling the silence after I press “Send.” Each love drop makes all of our lives more filled with love and so, His presence.

Shabbat shalom.

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