So much to be grateful for . . .

Thanksgiving arrived this year ahead of schedule. Well, not really, but it sure seemed to be here on the heels of Labor Day which followed so swiftly after the 4th of July which was a blink after Memorial Day, and so it is. . .

Life is so precious. Personally, there are loved ones in my life who are struggling with illness, even a recent passing, which only bookmark tangibly how each of us are in this Book of Life for a season. It is on us each day to make it count, not only in the ways we choose to live our lives, but also, in how we spend our time with others. Cherish those around you for we are meant to live in relationship with others.

Living lives of mutual blessing calls to our hearts even more strongly these days. Loving builds us up as well as the other person and brings the joy of shared experiences, the fabric of the goodness of life. Love also brings each of us through those times of struggle and is only amplified in its power as we share love in community with others.

Have you taken a moment from your day yet to just look out the window and thank HaShem for giving you this day? We all have tsuris (Yiddish for troubles) but I can guarantee you yours is small next to someone else’s.

I have a little phrase taped on the top edge of my computer screen that I look at each day: “The Will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.” It gives me comfort to have that thought framing my daily consciousness, especially in these days.

No matter what life brings you, you have the strength to endure it. And whatever that path is for you now is a blessing, even in its difficulty. As we grow in years and life’s experiences we learn how to make lemonade out of lemons, or more accurately, our eyes are opened to how HaShem has our back, always. We learn from failures. We grow from loss. We are strengthened by hardship. We become capable of loving more deeply and not sweating the small stuff. As we are weakened each time, we know that it is our Abba who lifts us up for we, at those moments, are not able to do so on our own. And when the intimacy of the presence of Yeshua holding our hand through it all feels real, for we are helpless, we experience the truth, the reality of God.

As we thank HaShem for waking up to another day, no matter what it brings, we understand the power of gratitude. Most likely no one reading this email is homeless or without food. We have people in our lives who care about us and about whom we care. There are so many who have so much less. We have so much to give even if just a kind word, for if you tap into His overwhelming love, you are rich beyond measure, overflowing with abundance in Him. Share it in the ways that you can.

My prayer for all of you this week is to be able to see the blessings and experience the thankfulness that this holiday brings as a reminder of God’s provision and love of us all.

Happy Thanksgiving and Shabbat shalom.


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