Sweet Symphony – Part 2

As I was sitting here doing my nails, my IPhone sounded the receipt of an incoming email. Could that be from a client in response to an email I had just sent which caused me a bit of angst since I had just notified them of a potential problem needing attention? Or could it be a fun greeting from one of my best friends from whom I was awaiting a response? Or from my sister whose friend has Stage 3 aggressive cancer and she was going to give me an update today? I couldn’t check it at that moment since I had just put on polish that needed to dry. Was I being frivolous or callous to delay checking or was HaShem trying to give me another of life’s lessons? After all, we live in an age through social media and technological advances that the ability to be plugged in is 24/7 if we choose to allow it.

Isn’t that how life is? We’re just doing our thing, sometimes menial, sometimes seemingly important, mostly just doing, or being, when something outside of us taps on the door of our space. Typically that outside touch needs our attention, or at the least, affects us. The extent to which it does so and the perceived pace of our response is a very subjective choice we make. Our lives become an interplay of our inner world, our current endeavor, and the interactions and influences of others on us, moment to moment, day to day. Even when we are by ourselves, our thoughts can carry the same power over our sense of well being and centeredness by their influence.

By not grabbing my IPhone, even given the range of possibilities I had imagined, a lot was said about my inner world. Had I been stressed and anxious to begin with, I wouldn’t have been able to wait. My brain would have taken me down the parade of horribles. By not reacting too quickly, I was able to have these thoughts to share. By staying in the moment with the task at hand, seemingly menial but profoundly important as it gave me time to reflect, I was reminded that I had no power over any of the information that might be awaiting me. I had only the ability to take comfort in knowing that HaShem had it all under control. How amazing that having to wait for drying nail polish was being used by HaShem to provide this special space to feel His presence.

Well, the email was from Orbitz about this week’s deals. My client later responded to thank me for the information I brought to their attention. I thought more about the hoped for response from my friend and decided I should call her. Still waiting to hear about my sister’s friend’s illness.

Last week I wrote to you about working together in beautiful harmony, as in a sweet symphony. This week I would like to add the dimension of how we do that with Yeshua in our hearts, especially when we are feeling anxious, worried, or troubled:

Click here for “Sweet Symphony”

Shabbat shalom.


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