The eclipse

It has been a whirlwind few weeks. It feels like we carry our home on our backs as we live in our 25′ RV more than in either our apartment in MA or our home in ME, not to mention the trek to WI and back for camp. . .

So today we had a brief reprieve at our home in ME, not to actually move back, but rather to get it ready to airbnb for a few days. I know. Not the best plan but hard to turn down given the uncertainties of my employment. So . . .

There I sat on our deck paying 3 weeks worth of bills as I gazed at the ocean. No matter what the stress, the view had such a calming effect. I prayed and thanked HaShem for His multitude of blessings, the amazing time at camp, the resources to be able to even spend the time in our RV, the love in my life, the beautiful day. He just showers us and showers us with His love.

But as I sat there decompressing, I realized how fragile we are. Just as during the recent solar eclipse the so much smaller moon could completely obliterate the light and warmth of the sun, so too, we can allow little annoyances and setbacks to obscure the bigger picture. We can be blocked by seemingly small obstacles, real or perceived, that keep us from feeling HIs light. It can happen so gradually, almost imperceptibly, just as the eclipse took hours to manifest. And the moon has its own beauty, just as do many of the temptations and choices that lead us away from Him. So hard to resist falling victim to all that obscures our closeness to Him. . . Busyness, misplaced priorities, pridefulness, ambition, selfishness, indecision, disappointment, lack of faith, egotism, not to mention actual acts of moral weakness.

With a solar eclipse such as the one we experienced this week, we can be prepared. We know it’s coming so we can buy special glasses and be ready for the exact time and place of its occurrence. In life, often that which separates us from the good and the light of Him is imperceptible. The detractors and distractions move slowly and stealthily like the eclipse but we are often caught unprepared. All the moreso if we have not been vigilant in our prayers and commitment to community with our brothers and sisters in Yeshua.

Just as the eclipse was predictable, so too is it predictable that life will bring us into situations which block us from Him. The choice is ours to arm ourselves and still look to Him, the source of all light and all that is good. All that is God. All that we need.

Shabbat shalom.

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