The hidden wedding guest – Part 2

Last week I shared with you my recent experience at an Orthodox Jewish wedding of a non observant Jewish couple. I was struck by the chesed, kindness, of the officiating rabbis who were able to balance their sensibilities for those present without compromising their core values and religious beliefs. I received so many wonderful comments from my readers who could now see Messiah’s presence in this situation, or who have also seen Him in similar situations.

I did not receive any negative comments from those who may have found my observations challenging, especially as applied to mainstream Jews who do not believe in Yeshua. I was thinking some of you may have had this very logical thought. Yet just as we can interpret the presence of Yeshua in mainstream Jewish liturgy and in Tanakh (Hebrew Bible), if we have the eyes to see it, so too, He is with our Jewish brother and sisters, just not obvious. The journey is to the day when each recognizes Him, too. Do we really think our Messiah is doing nothing but waiting for us to spread the Good News?! We cannot know, but we can think He is hard at work as well in ways we can only begin to understand, such as by creating less rigid thinking of the rabbis at the wedding. Our Messiah is also guiding our words in all the conversations we have with our Jewish and our non Jewish brothers and sisters, such as I had at the wedding, to help them better understand us.

I have shared this video several times over the years, but some are new to my email list. And for the rest of us, you can never have too much encouragement:

We are each here to do our parts to hasten the return of Yeshua, and we are encouraged as we see changes in our people that are laying the groundwork for that day.

Shabbat shalom.

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