The Power of Love – Part 2

It’s the morning after I had to say good-bye to Dodi, our 13 year old pug who was diagnosed with liver cancer last February. Last week I mentioned her as being kept alive by love. Yesterday I had to prove the depth of that love.

She really was eating great and seemed to be doing well with daily doggy routines. But her growing bulbous belly had me worried. I already knew the cancer was in her intestines, but I was concerned that it was growing into even more areas that could be painful suddenly. Pugs are pretty weird looking to the uninitiated anyway. But her big belly on a skeletal frame was challenging even for me.

So we made the decision. Set the appointment. Bought her a Whopper double cheeseburger to eat on the way, showered her with treats while waiting for the procedure, and then sobbingly said good-bye.

I know for non dog lovers this depth of loss and grief is hard to understand. But to us, it is right up there with the loss of other family members. Right up there with the loss of dear friends, like Ellen.

I know I did the right thing despite my torturing thoughts. Love powered me to act in this profoundly difficult way so as to keep Dodi from suffering, despite the intense pain felt by those left behind – Sid and me, and Capt. Punem, her pug partner in crime, who is beside himself, too.

We are experiencing just a touch of the sacrificial love our Abba has for us who gave us His Son, and for Yeshua who gave His life for us. It is the force to withstand pain for another.

It is the power of love.

Shabbat shalom.

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