These are those times – Part 2


Last week we noodled about certain times in our history when significant steps forward occurred in religious reawakening. Two of those times we explored were the late ‘60s/early ‘70s and the 1990s. We pondered further whether we may be living now even in such miraculous days.


This week I was motivated to watch two films that I had missed when originally released – “Godspell” and “Jesus Christ Superstar”. At the time (1973) I was in law school, not a hippie. Even moreso, since I was mainstream Jewish then, the subject of Jesus would not have interested me. My motivation now was from a historical perspective to see what my peers at that time would have been experiencing.


I’m not saying you should watch these films (although I thought “Godspell” absolutely adorable and the Andrew Lloyd Webber music from “Jesus Christ Superstar” brilliant). On the other hand, some would find such films in very poor taste at the least, maybe even irreverent and heretical. I was okay with the formats of the renditions of these Scripture based movies since my motivation was not entertainment or Bible education.


What struck me was again evidence of how God meets us where we are. I actually thought it phenomenal that these films would be produced in a manner clearly targeted for the hippie/baby boomer generation, such creative adaptations making so relatable the story of Jesus! Almost all of the actual dialogue of “Godspell” is verbatim from the Gospel of Matthew, and yet with the colorful characters and music performed the story is so engaging and understandable.


As is today with “The Chosen”, these movies were mainstream and popular at the time. In thinking about this I am once again in awe of how God meets each of us where we are, and societally how He does so on a grand scale. It’s challenging to read and understand Scripture, especially without connection to a religious community, rabbis, and scholars who can assist us in this journey, plus we have to have the desire to do so. By allowing the making of such films our Abba is reaching millions with His Word who may otherwise never even care to know it. He reaches out to the secular, people and places, and uses them for His purposes, the main one being for every person to come to know Him and feel His Love.


I am even more humbled in awe that He can overlook the many flaws in the places He must go to meet us. It is an example to us perhaps to do the same. In these movies we may object to how certain stories are portrayed or how the characters are dressed. The criticisms could be endless. Some may even consider such portayals sacrilegious. I understand that position. Yet I would rather err on that side, at least to the point of these particular films, if the result is to bring more people to Him. In this case, these films being generated during the Jesus revolution seemed to be building on that momentum and most likely succeeded in bringing and keeping to Him even more seekers of something greater than themselves, a particular challenge given the audience was the “Me” generation.


Which thought brings us to the solar eclipse. Although I was not in a geographic area to experience it meaningfully, I have vicariously been enjoying the experience through others’ videos and photos as well as through TV coverage. If you haven’t watched some of the news coverages of those at places of complete eclipse, I highly recommend you do so.


All I can say is “Wow”!!!! On the theory that we are living in extraordinary times, this eclipse must be on the list!! Although solar eclipses are not unusual, this one surely was, not only in the scope of the shadow and the astronomical differences, but in the fact of its location across much of the US where literally millions could see a total eclipse of the sun. Its path was an invitation to all, to literally travelers across the world, to experience His glory.


As I listened to the many interviews, the overwhelming responses were so emotional. Through such a transformation of day into night, and back, one could not help but think of a force beyond explanation. People literally were brought to tears and in awe. They spoke not so much of what they say, but rather, of what they felt.


For those already close to Him it was a highly religious experience. For those still searching or indifferent, this event brought many onlookers giant steps further along their spiritual paths. No one watching it could deny a great scientifically proven force, an awe inspiring power, to literally change daylight to light and light to dark, the extraordinary magnitude of the Creator of the scientific phenomenon being observed. Even knowing what to expect, all who I know who saw it and all the interviews I saw relayed an inexplicable, overwhelming feeling of awe. I’m sure it was no accident, during these very days, that the path of this particular solar eclipse was designed to reach so many at a time desperately in need of Him. As I saw the “diamond ring” glow it felt as if our bridegroom Yeshua was beckoning.


Miracles are still happening every day, personal ones and societal ones. It’s not about the last days or end of days. It’s about how you want to live the rest of your days, how we as a society want to live the rest of mankind’s time here on earth. God meets us where we are. The point is not about the accuracy of all the ways this occurs but about drawing more and more people to Him in whatever ways He can be seen or heard. He uses our choices to reveal Himself and in many cases our choices are far from good. Yet He is there always inviting us to Him. That’s how amazing He is!


Jesus is my Superstar.


Shabbat shalom.


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