These Days of Awe


Hard to believe we can noodle on Spotify song selections for three weeks straight, but . . .


How is it that the recent selections under the search on Spotify for Messianic Jewish music now include Paul Wilbur songs as well as those of Israeli mainstream musical groups and singers? Is there really someone so knowledgeable about theology that he or she has put together that mainstream, presumably Modern Orthodox, Israeli musicians and we Messianic Jews all have the same belief in the coming of the Messiah, the distinction being whether He has come before in the person of Yeshua? Is there a bot that’s doing the selecting or some other artificial intelligence? Whatever or whoever, or Whoever, is behind this change, it definitely is a new development, and a good one, as we enjoy songs singing the praises of Meshiach.


Rosh Hashanah services at Ruach Israel were amazing. The sanctuary was not only filled to capacity, but the room was filled as well with His Ruach. As we were unsure of the effects of Tropical Storm Lee that might be impacting us, it was amazing to see so many Jewish followers of Yeshua come together to praise and worship God in the ways of our ancestors and for the most part like our mainstream Jewish brothers and sisters throughout the world. We not only felt connected to our people, but the distinctives of our elevating Yeshua as the crown of glory, especially through the uplifting music of Kyle and Rachel, invited in the Ruach.


As we listened to the penetrating sounds of the Shofar blasts masterfully brought forth by Rabbi Nathan, we could feel the Ruach intensifying in our souls and literally in the room. The Ruach, the wind, the Holy spirit – these are those times. He is making Himself known. We also don’t have to be reminded of the world calamities and catastrophes, on both global and personal scales, to know that He is greatly needed.


Instead of people asking why should I believe in God, or Yeshua, perhaps the question is why not? Further, how is it possible to ignore His Presence?


How is one’s life enriched by going it alone, believing we can handle life’s vicissitudes, or more often feeling helpless when we realize that’s impossible? What is there to lose by believing? What is there to gain? Oh so much as one becomes part of a vibrant body of believers in Yeshua. . .


For those who don’t yet know Him, can you imagine what it feels like to never feel alone, for you feel He is with you always, that reality fortified further when you are part of a community steeped in His Love? You don’t have to imagine. You just have to be open to believing He is real.


Could our Abba be working even moreso than ever to bring us, every single person, to Him, for the first time, or even closer? Could this shift on Spotify be explicable if we think about God trying to reach us and using the means we have to do so? Could we be entering a time of more Jewish people coming to know Yeshua as the promised Messiah?


Could the timing of “The Chosen” being released in recent years and its inexplicable commercial success reaching hundreds of millions of viewers be just chance? Or are these tangible examples of God meeting us, society, where we are in ways we can’t miss? Could current events be happening that are extreme to encourage more to seek Him?


HaShem can get our attention subtly, sometimes making us feel as if we’re playing a mystery game or piecing together a puzzle. Or just to make us smile. We don’t always engage, nor sometimes notice coincidental names and synchronistic timings, even sometimes funny hard to explain events that can only lead to one conclusion – that God is real, that He seeks a personal relationship with each of us.


Perhaps most recently one such hint that may be in “play” is the coincidence that the name of this Rosh Hashanah day’s tropical storm was Lee. As this new year begins, are we turning “lee”ward, to the left, perhaps off course, or “wind”ward, to the right? For in the wind, the Ruach, we find what is right. We feel His Presence.


Perhaps It was no coincidence that much of New England was preparing for a monstrous storm. The weather had our attention. Preparations were made. We didn’t even know if we would be able to make it to services at one point. And yet, when the day and hour came, the weather was gloriously perfect.


Reminders. . . reminders. . . reminders. . .


Anything can happen. Disaster can strike. We need to prepare. How perfect that we are in these Days of Awe between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, days to be truly in awe of Him, days of introspection, repentance, and growth in our spiritual journeys to walk even closer with Him.


The shofar has sounded. We have just heard the reminding wake up calls. God is seeking us. Are we seeking Him? And if we have found Him, are we helping others to seek Him as well? Are we deepening our study of Scripture, prayer, time with Him to increase our understanding and deepen the intimacy of our relationship? If you don’t already feel His Presence in your day-to-day life, can you even imagine that you can have an intimate relationship – with God??


You can. It’s true. I have no reason to make this up.


Be a light. Show grace and mercy. Forgive. Love unconditionally. Be transformed.


Follow the Ruach.


These are those days, truly Days of Awe.


Shabbat shalom.




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