These Holy Days


One of the pitfalls of travel is the difficulty in maintaining my regular jog time, i.e. my special time with God. Our home in Maine is conducive to these times offering multiple picturesque options to immerse in His grandeur. This past week has been exceptionally a blessing with overnight rains making each day comfortably cool to exert oneself outdoors.


This morning’s time with Him brought together some thoughts from last week, made anew by the reminder once again of His Presence in our meditations, thoughts, prayers, and conversations with Him. Last week I shared with you how I had for the first time in years felt inspired to change the music I listen to while jogging. I thought the reason was as stated, to find some new songs for Chagigah Radio. Yet I also sensed there was something more for me to learn. Another coaxing from Him to see the bigger picture.


On last week’s jog, when I searched “Messianic Jewish Music” on Spotify, I was amazed at all the new songs I hadn’t heard before, many of which were in Hebrew. As I played more and listened this week during my time with Him, I realized that the selections are a mix of mainstream, probably Israeli Orthodox, songs about the coming of the Messiah, alongside our traditional Messianic Jewish songs by Paul Wilbur, Joshua Aaron, and so many others. This realization was an important reminder of a point we often overlook – our distinctives within our Jewish faith are often overemphasized creating walls, not bridges.


I was reminded of the “A” for “Adulteress” as described in The Scarlet Letter worn on the protagonist’s clothing. That label was the first thing people would notice when they would first meet or interact with her. Sometimes we as Messianic Jews in new situations enter them feeling as if “MJ” were marked on our foreheads. Not that we shouldn’t be upfront about our beliefs, and in some cases, we must do that to not be disingenuous or misunderstood from the get-go. Yet in my experience often we walk with that identifying attitude not for the many good reasons but more from a place of defensiveness about our faith. I especially see this when we are among our Jewish brothers and sisters.


Actually, as the music reminds us, we share more common beliefs and practices and are much more alike than we are different from our Jewish brothers and sisters. When we interact with that knowledge as our set point it actually elevates our belief in Yeshua to a place of honor, the crown on the head, rather than a stumbling block at our feet. When His being the cornerstone of our Jewish faith becomes part of our normal relationships, His Presence speaks for itself.


As I’ve been listening to so many beautiful songs about our Messiah Yeshua sung by these Israeli artists, I feel their yearning for Him just as we do. How blessed are we to be able to see that we are one people, united in Him, some of us understanding that He has come once and having the faith that He will return. How further blessed to see His plan to bring all to know Him.


As I was noodling these thoughts this morning, for no apparent reason, the music on Spotify just stopped. I tried to advance the songs, checked my earphones, tried the speaker, but could no longer listen to the “random” selections of MJ music on Spotify, whether Itzik Orlev or Marty Goetz. So I turned back to my previous playlist and randomly pressed without looking. Of course the song that played in my headphones was perfect – “Ani Ma’amin”:


“I believe with complete faith

In the coming of the Messiah, I believe


And even though He may tarry

Nonetheless I will wait for Him


I will wait every day for Him to come


I believe”


Such yearning. . .


As we enter these holy of Holy Days, as we join our Jewish brothers and sisters around the world in our shared observances, may our voices rise together yearning for the day of our Messiah Yeshua’s coming to us all.


Shabbat shalom and L’Shanah Tovah.



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