Think of the worst thing that has ever happened to you…

Think of the worst thing that has ever happened to you. Perhaps it was the
premature death of a loved one or a miscarriage. Perhaps the end of a
marriage, loss of a deep relationship, bankruptcy or extreme financial
failure, job or career loss. It may be diagnosis of a debilitating or
terminal illness, yours or of a loved one. You may have experienced more
than one “worst” event. Perhaps the worst of all – loss of your faith that
there is a God.

If you take just one of those and think about it now, especially if some
time has passed since it occurred, does the pain still feel as sharp? It is
still there. The woundings don’t bleed continually but they still smart when
remembered. If you think about the events that transpired after the loss,
was there anything remotely good? Acts of love and kindness from others,
actions you took that you never would have had the tragedy not occurred,
people you met or places you went to or moved to that were not part of your
plan, strength and courage you discovered in yourself that you didn’t know
was there, ways you looked at what was really important, ways you looked at
others with more understanding, actions you took knowing what you now know.

All of those experiences were HaShem through Yeshua walking with you. Even
when you inwardly or outwardly perhaps cursed Him in anger, even though He,
too, felt every pain with you. The deepest working He did in you was to keep
you with Him through it all.

For life is long God-willing for most of us, and to hold fast to Him through
the darkest of times is its biggest challenge. But time and again, if we
cling tight enough we will come out the other side changed, but able to move
on with the knowledge that our life will still have days ahead of love and
peace in Him.

Shabbat shalom.


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