Wow! That was a big one!


Today is the Monday after the big weekend blizzard. After such storms, and hurricanes in the fall, the ocean waves are spectacular. So I was looking forward to my jog on the beach near our home.


Oh, I was not disappointed. The jellyfish-like ice pieces were fewer and more scattered. Some of the ice ledges were adrift. The manger like “hay” had been tossed hither and yon. But as I was finishing my jog I was thinking how exciting it would be to climb Fox Island and see the waves up close. . .


Fox Island is only an island at high tide, for at low tide you can walk to it on a sand bar that connects to the main beach. So per my calculations I had timed this well since the tide was going out, enabling me to walk to the island and climb its rocky terrain with plenty time to return. I could tell the waves were pounding the far side of the island since I could see geyser-like sprays two stories high splashing over its rocky top! Not to mention that one could see waves beyond the shore as far as the eye could see. The blizzard had churned up the waters far at sea so that now the effect of that storm was working its way to the shore. Breathtaking!


For the past hour I had been jogging or walking to great Messianic Jewish music, communing with HaShem. Just as I traversed the long sand dune and took my first step onto the island, the music stopped. My IPhone had run out of batteries. I was SO DISAPPOINTED since my plan was to take amazing photos. It would be like standing in the ocean with 20 foot waves right there!


As I kept climbing the rocky ledges, I stopped at my usual perch to watch the view. And it was spectacular. I have never seen such awe inspiring waves that close up. As I watched I viscerally felt the truth of what is meant by HaShem being fearsome.  As the waves pounded so loudly with crashing force, circling the island from multiple sides, I felt His strength, His power, His judgment, our smallness.


And then I felt His grace. For at that moment, a huge wave landed inches from where I was standing.  Had my IPhone not run out of batteries earlier, I know I would have been preoccupied with photographing and videoing and would have been even closer to the water’s edge, not realizing how confused the waves had become due to the storm. My phone battery dying as I first set foot onto the island was not random. The timing punctuated the experience so I would be able to see Him in it. Abba and His angels were watching out for me. From the awesomeness of His power I now felt the shelter of His wings, for He is both. He is all.


We are to be reminded as in the crashing waves that HaShem is not a pussycat. He is to be feared in the sense of our respecting Him as our Abba, our recognizing His power, His dominion. He sets the rules. We are to obey. Yet He allows us to participate in the process. He uses His control to teach us. He gave me firm rock on which to stand as I beheld His glory. He is also our protector and gives us His grace as I now realized that photographing from the ledge I would have been on would not have been a good choice.


This week I encourage you to seek His guidance as you make your way through life’s multitude of choices, remembering His word is final and our choices count, but also knowing He will work with you to keep you safe, oh Rock of Israel.


Shabbat shalom.



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