Yet again – Part 3 . . .


Last week we tried to process the horror of mass shootings, not from the perspective of opinions on gun control, but rather, from the perspective of becoming the created beings HaShem intended us to be. Mass shootings are still with us and will be until major changes occur. This week, I want to focus on the deeper message we touched on last week – love one another even above one’s own opinions when doing so is for the greater good, not only of our fellow man, but also, in order to walk closer with HaShem.


Fourteen (!! How can it be??) years ago Sid and I bought a Winnebago, affectionately called the Pugabego since a motivation was to be able to travel and not leave our three pugs behind. At the time Sid and I actually thought we might call it the “Mitzvah Mobile” and talked about traveling from one Messianic Jewish congregation to another sharing ideas about what we do at Ruach to help strengthen and build other MJ congregations.


Despite our aspirations, I guess we may have been at different stages of our lives at that time. I was working full time, president of Ruach, probably a million other excuses, but suffice it to say that dream didn’t manifest, other than the Pugabego being a wonderful refuge for Camp Or L’Dor leaders and counselors for late night decompress times together and an occasional visit to a congregation now and then.


Perhaps this year’s trip home from Florida re-lit the original desire in me to make the Mitzvah Mobile a reality. On the way back we made a couple extra stops. One was to one of Sid’s friends from his years as a teenager at Lakeside School. We really just planned to have a great social time, nothing too unusual, since we have kept up with her over the years and she’s a delightful believer in Yeshua as well. This year we did music together, she on piano, Sid on guitar, me on ukulele and singing. It was beyond a blessed experience. It was extraordinary. We experienced angels, at least in my opinion. And she kept texting us days after our visit having been so moved by our time together even without the angels.


We also stopped at Sid’s cousin’s house. A very long backstory, too long to share. Suffice it to say she lives alone and though a brilliant physician, at this time in her life is struggling with life’s challenges and knowing next steps. Left to our own feelings at that particular time after over 1000 miles of driving, Sid and I could have easily given into our desire to get home and not spend time at her home in New Jersey. So glad we did not give into our more self centered inclinations and instead took the time. So glad we prioritized love of another over our own opinions. Our time together was transformative. This dear cousin too, days later, kept reaching out to us, not in desperation, but rather, with a tone in her voice of optimism and hope.


Perhaps over the years we could have done more to be a light to others despite our busy-ness. Sometimes we are given such opportunities, pass them up, then when given another chance ultimately grab onto the blessing being offered, all the time our Abba patiently waiting for us to get it. When we prioritize HaShem, over time our natural inclination for our own creature comforts takes a second seat as we mature in Him and learn better how to love others above ourselves. Over time we gain wisdom with years, growing closer to the model life of Yeshua. However transformations happen, I am grateful that they do, transformations of us and of those we touch.


Last week we pondered the beauty of the divine love gifted to each of us, and actually our duty to be a light to others, to bring His Love more into this world, more into the hearts of even those who already know Him, to bask in the transformative power of Love. How much moreso the duty to bring His Love to those who struggle to believe they are lovable or who doubt God’s very existence.


I’m now 72 years young and thankfully my recent doctors’ appointments were great, even on issues being regularly monitored. I’m reinvigorated to rekindle the Mitzvah Mobile dream seeing now how such seemingly little interactions, person by person, can make such significant changes. Perhaps this is how HaShem is guiding Sid and me to serve when journeying in the Pugabego/Mitzvah Mobile. Others with health challenges, my cousin, for example, who though she survived her near death experience still has residual health concerns, can be a light of hope and encouragement to others suffering with their own serious medical issues or medical challenges of their loved ones. We are each little soldiers fighting to bring more light into this world. Just as there are infantry, cavalry, artillery, and more, we are each uniquely equipped as He directs if we listen. Really listen to Him and not just to ourselves.


Soldier on! It’s not easy, but you will be overwhelmed by the glimmer of His radiance as you live to serve Him. For when you do, your light shines to all you meet.


Mitzvah Mobile – Rev your engine! 😊


Shabbat shalom.



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