Building a Mishkan in Your Heart

Posted on 2014 Sep 27, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
Rabbi Nathan talks about building a Mishkan, a replica of heaven, a place for the Holy Presence of the Lord to dwell in our own hearts. We are going to use the actual Temple to learn how we can more fully live out G-d’s call on our lives, to be a Holy and set apart for His Presence. Building A
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Yom Hashoah

Posted on 2014 Apr 26, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
Rabbi Nathan talk’s about Yom Hashoah  (click this link to open in a new browser window)
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The Fullness of our Humanity

Posted on 2013 Aug 24, Pastor: Rabbi Ben
We’re well into the month of Elul, the month preceding the High holydays. The month of Elul is treated in our tradition as a time for self reflection and t’shuvah-repentance. The height of this work is often found in the ten days between Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur, but really the work
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