Healing Our Identity Part A (Inner healing series 2a)

Posted on 2015 Oct 03, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
Description:  “Be who you is. . . because if you ain’t who you is. . . you is who you ain’t.”  Who is the real you? Rabbi Nathan talks looks deeply at the deepest parts of our identity, how our sense of who we are can become damaged and unpacks how we can find healing for our true selves.
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Healing of our Image of God (Inner Healing Series 1)

Posted on 2015 Sep 19, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
Who is God to you?  Not just in your head, but in your heart.  Healing our Image of God begins a monthly series on inner healing.  Poor theology, past experiences and hurts can distort our image of God and inhibit our ability to know Him and to receive all that He wants to give us. Rabbi Nathan
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Jethro And Moses

Posted on 2015 May 04, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
Rabbi Rich discusses the relationship between Jethro and Moses explaining the example it sets for us today.   Jethro and Moses (click the link to play in a new browser window)
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Something Special About Purim

Posted on 2015 Apr 04, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
Rabbi Rich talks about HaShem being hard to hear.   Something Special About Purim (click this link to open in a new browser window)
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