Passover for Us

Posted on 2024 Apr 06, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
 The Why and How of Passover… . Direct Link to Youtube video of message. Delivered on Shabbat at Ruach Israel’s Sanctuary on April 6, 2024
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Intimacy With G-d, Part 2

Posted on 2024 Mar 23, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
 How to live every day in the presence of G-d – In his drash, Rabbi Rich explains the concepts of Keva and Kavanah – two important ways to think about ways or reading the Holy One. Don’t miss it!. . By Rabbi Emeritus Rich Nichol at Ruach Israel, March 23, 2024 Direct
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Intimacy With G-d, Part 1

Posted on 2024 Mar 09, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
 In this week’s drash Rabbi Rich begins his three part series, “Intimacy With God.” He points out that most important, most enriching, most satisfying was to live is to seek an actual, personal relationship with God. But, how do we get there? Find out as he explores this often
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A Jewish Healing Reawakening

Posted on 2024 Feb 24, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
 A Jewish Healing Reawakening Our Besora readings today are powerful. Yeshua resurrects Ya’ir’s daughter and a woman is healed of 12 years of chronic bleeding when she touches Yeshua’s Tzitzit. In this message let’s look at the history of healing in the community of Yeshua over the
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