Gary Halzel – B’La’am 🐴 Quixote’

Posted on 2023 Jul 22, Pastor: Gary Halzel
Gary Halzel – B’La’am 🐴 Quixote’  Direct Link to Youtube video of message    
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An Overlooked Treasure

Posted on 2023 Jul 08, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
 In this Part 3 of his sermon series Rabbi Rich answers this question: “Is there an often overlooked passage in the Prophets which details the Jewish journey during the period from the time of Yeshua until today?” The answer may surprise you. Don’t miss it! . By Rabbi Emeritus Rich
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More Than Just Trees

Posted on 2023 Jul 01, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
 When are trees more than just trees? Direct Link to Youtube video of message. Delivered on Shabbat at Ruach Israel’s Sanctuary on July 1, 2023
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Posted on 2023 Jun 17, Pastor: Raina Joiner
 It is more than just complaining. Valuable insights on how to live happier and more in line with Torah.   By Rebbetzin Raina Joiner at Ruach Israel, June 10 , 2023   Direct Link to Youtube video of message.    
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