The Season of Heroes

Posted on 2022 Dec 17, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
 This is the season of light – Chanukah and the celebration of the birth of the Messiah. It is also the season of heroes. In this Shabbat’s drash (sermon) Rabbi Rich will look at the lives of a Jewish hero and heroine – Judah Maccabee and Miriam the mother of Yeshua. Listen to
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G-d’s Love Language: Learning how to spend quality time with the Lord.

Posted on 2022 Dec 03, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
 Our theme this year is Etz Chaim, the Tree of Life. Just as our Tree must have roots that drink deeply of the earth’s soil so we must have roots that nourish us and connect us to the true source of life. Oil this message Rabbi Nathan discusses how to establish a consistent and daily
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A Favorite Thing

Posted on 2022 Nov 26, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
 Thanksgiving is not a specifically Jewish holy day. But, it’s resonance with Sukkot has been noticed by many. In his Shabbat drash delivered just after the joyful American. holiday, Rabbi Rich explores the Amidah prayer‘s Moadim Anachnu – the prayer of thanksgiving. Watch or listen…
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Ahavah Rabbah: Love like Challah Dough

Posted on 2022 Nov 20, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
 Rabbi Nathan leads a Shabbat study from the Siddur. A link to the 2nd Blessing of the Shema (AhavaRabba) Middle of page 31 in Siddur Ruach Israel: Ahavah Rabbah – אהבה רבה Learn more about the Ruach Israel Siddur (Prayer Book) at the Encountering Our Siddur web page.   Direct
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