The Joy of Forgiveness – Shabbat Shuvah

Posted on 2022 Oct 01, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
 On Shabbat Shuvah, the Shabbat between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Rabbi Nathan shares a moving message on forgiveness. Our time ends with a prayer, walking through eight steps to help us forgive more completely. Direct Link to Youtube video of message. Delivered on Shabbat at Ruach
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Rosh Hashanah 5783 – An Address to Ruach Israel

Posted on 2022 Sep 26, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
 Etz Chaim Hi! An Address to Ruach Israel, Rosh Hashana 5783 Rosh Hashana is a time of new beginnings. Rabbi Nathan reviews the last few years at Ruach Israel and launches our new theme to take us forward into 5783. Our theme is Etz Chaim Hi, “It is a tree of life to those who grasp hold
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Erev Rosh Hashanah 5783 – HaShem Melech

Posted on 2022 Sep 25, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
 Join Rabbi Nathan as we unpack some of Yeshua’s parables to look for three secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven; Identity, belonging and joy! Direct Link to Youtube video of message. Delivered on Shabbat at Ruach Israel’s Sanctuary on September 25, 2022
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Messianic Jews: Called To Be “Chaos Busters!”

Posted on 2022 Sep 24, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
 Why do we make it a priority to attend High Holy Services? In the week’s drash Rabbi Rich presents a surprising reason rooted in God’s purposes for our Jewish people and for the world. By Rabbi Emeritus Rich Nichol at Ruach Israel, on September 24, 2022 Direct Link to Youtube video of
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