Rabbi Nathan – “Your New Senior Rabbi”

Posted on 2021 Jan 02, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
Direct Link to Youtube video of message. A Journey into the Wilderness As of January 1 2021, Rabbi Nathan has is the new Senior Rabbi at Ruach Israel allowing Rabbi Rich to transition to Rabbi Emeritus after his 40 year tenure. After discussing Parshat Vayechi, Rabbi Nathan picks up on the
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Parashat Vayigash

Posted on 2020 Dec 26, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
In his drash this morning – the last he will bring us until after his three month sabbatical – Rabbi Rich explores the amazing ways God takes our Jewish people to higher levels of awareness of his purposes. Joseph reveals his true identity to his brothers and by doing so, reveals
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A Chanukah Sermon

Posted on 2020 Dec 12, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
The time we live in seems unique…never since the Viet Nam war has there been such division and uncertainty in the United States. Where is our point of referance in all this? How do set our feet so we can navigate these troubled waters? When we consider the history of Hanukkah, Yeshua’s
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Parashat Vayishlach

Posted on 2020 Dec 05, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
This week Rabbi Rich explores the vital role of reconciliation in human affairs. We consider a defining moment in the life of Jacob as he prepares to meet his estranged brother Esau and the wonderful conclusion which speaks to us even today.   Direct Link to Youtube video of message. A
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