Posted on 2022 Oct 29, Pastor: Martin Mekatansky
 Join Marty Makentansky for an inspirational message about Shabbat. This message is loaded it insight after insight about how to enter into Shabbat more deeply.   By Marty Makentansky at Ruach Israel, on October 29, 2022 Direct Link to Youtube video of message.    
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Bereshit – Does Daily Engagement Make a Difference?

Posted on 2022 Oct 22, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
 This week’s Torah portion is Bereshit – “In the Beginning.” As we start this year’s schedule of Torah readings, we begin with a prior question: Given the fact that the Bible was written so long ago and under circumstances so different than our own, is it really important that we
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The Daily Davar for 5783 Begins!

Posted on 2022 Oct 15, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
 Torah Study is one of the pillars of Jewish life. The Bible is critical for us Messianic Jews. Rabbi Nathan talks about a program that we are launching anew for 5783 — The Daily Davar. The Daily Davar is a Messianic Jewish reading cycle that we will use as a community to read through
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Yom Kippur Morning 5783 – The Joy of Repentance

Posted on 2022 Oct 05, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
 The Joy of Repentance – a Yom Kippur Message  Yom Kippur is the day we rehearse our death. It is a somber day of repentance. A perfect day to talk about joy! On Yom Kippur morning, Rabbi Nathan helps to brings Repentance to life. T’shuvah is not harsh and condemning. Instead, it is about
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