Parashat Balak

Posted on 2016 Jul 24, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
Parashat Balak is the story of prophet hired to curse Israel…but found that only words of blessing flowed from his mouth. Find out how his unexpected message has profound meaning today for every Jew who names Yeshua as the promised Messiah of Israel.  
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“The Manifestations of the Ruach – part 1”

Posted on 2016 Jul 02, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
  “The Manifestations of the Ruach – part 1 “ “Rabbi Nathan walks through 1Corinthians 12 as an introduction to how we might understand and interact with the Manifestations of the Ruach, in balanced and messianic Jewish ways. “          
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What Exactly is the Good News for Jews? (part 3)

Posted on 2016 Jun 11, Pastor: Rabbi Rich
Yeshua preached the Good News to Jews. What did it look like? What did it sound like? What did it mean back then and what exactly does it mean for the Jewish community today? This four-part series of drashes (sermons) by Rabbi Rich suggests some surprising answers. Sermon #3 – The Good
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“Ruach HaKodesh”

Posted on 2016 Jun 04, Pastor: Rabbi Nathan
“Who is the Ruach (Holy Spirit) what does relating to the Ruach in Messianic Jewish terms look like.” As Shavuot approaches,  Rabbi Nathan shares the experiences at a recent conference.        
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